“Belgium man fined- Sexism laws being pushed in United States”

Man in Belgium first ever to be arrested and ultimately fined $3,000 Euros for “sexist” comment to a female officer.

For the first time ever, a man was arrested and fined a hefty amount for an apparent “sexist” comment made to a female officer that had stopped him back in 2016. The man’s name has not been given. He apparently per reports was pulled over for a highway code violation. He then had made a couple of comments to the officer. “You should get a woman’s job, being a police officer is not a job for women“, per the Brussels Prosecutor’s Office.

He was reportedly fined 3,000 Euros, or a little more than  $3,700 USD. The conviction stated“a serious violation of the dignity of the person because of her sex.”  It’s the first time this law has ever been used for prosecution. Scary part is places like Canada and alike, even the United States are pushing for controlled speech laws. The United States will be the toughest, with our Constitution and our 1st Amendment we will not stand as a people for that nonsense as it’s being pushed for by the left.

To add to this lunacy, to no surprise, Cathy Areu of Catalina Magazine had stated a firm advocacy for those same sexism laws in the United States. She is far-left and a nonsensical “modern-day feminist”. Wanting silly things like any word containing the word “men” or “man” in it should be changed or abolished. [anyone have a straight jacket?]

She said how “sexist thoughts become sexist statements”, sexist statements turn into sexist crimes”. She is out of her damn mind. First, she is essentially asking for a “thought police” division to develop a type of mind-reading law enforcement. Thought police reminds me of a “Twilight Zone” episode how a guy at a bank can read thoughts. He hears an older man think about robbing the bank and how no one will suspect him since he has been there for many years.

The young man also a banker there is only trying to do the right thing. So, he goes and tells his boss he had “heard” the man say those things. So they waited, and apprehend him after he comes out of the back. He had nothing on him. He told the young man after everyone dispersed, ” how did you know? I could never go through with it but I certainly have thought about it, haven’t you ever dreamed about anything?” So the moral, you can’t, (even if it was possible) have thought police for “sexism laws” because thoughts do not always turn into words. Words do not always turn to action.

Cathy’s examples were simply jaw-dropping. How something as simple as a man holding a door for a woman, could be a punishable felony if that particular woman was to be offended by it. So we would-in-fact have to be f***ing mind readers to avoid an arrest including a felony record with $3,700+ paid to the government? Ha! Not in my lifetime.

Or could it? It does get scary at times, how the left by the hour gets more and more nonsensical, insane, hypocritical and power-hungry to where they are all trying to bring this country down and half of them don’t even know why they’re doing it. Now I’ll admit, it wasn’t a smart thing for that guy to mouth off to a police officer. Male or Female it’s disrespectful and frankly stupid.

But to be fined thousands of dollars and people like Areu pushing for it to be law here in the US and it be a felony charge? That’s insane on many levels. Maybe a “talking to” by the officer would do. On an extreme level in my view, like a $20 fine. Something small, but to get a point across if that’s how they want to do things in Belgium. All of this only again shows us how this so-called modern-day feminist movement is nothing more than an attack on men, especially White men. An attack on fatherhood.

Last but not least, pushing false narratives with false statistics about the mythical creature called the “pay gap”. The nonsense that the United States has a rape culture. No we do not, go to Islam and then if you make it back let me know how it went. That is an actual rape culture. Feminists literally are only making themselves miserable, advocating for organizations such as Planned Parenthood as well as despite their desires, staying single and working simply to not be called a “sell out” by leftist women and feminists.

So no Cathy, no modern-day feminists. We are not going to insert a thought police or sexism laws because it is no different from policing speech. We have the right to free speech as long as we are not inciting violence. Holding the door for a woman is not a damn felony or a crime at all for that matter if for some dumb reason that particular woman took offense.

It is a crazy world this is turning into. Let’s hope for the best and keep speaking out against it. Otherwise we’ll have laws against saying “mailman”, holding a door for a woman, saying to a woman “you’re beautiful“, being honest because you don’t want someone to f***ing die, “hey you should look out for your health and see a doctor“. Laws forcing equal pay(Though for equal work there is no pay gap) regardless of the variables and pushing us into more of a Marxist society?

“Lady Doritos” would be the least of our problems. Feminists today are not looking for legitimate equality, which they already have. They aren’t trying to help women overall to succeed in their lives, no matter their life choice to work or have kids and shape lives. It’s all a power move wrapped in a foil of useful idiots. Guess what? You’re increasing craziness is only hurting yourselves. You’ve already excluded conservative women, White women, Pro-Life women, Christian women. Soon enough you’ll be miserable and alone, talking only to yourselves.

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