“Colorism? Sounds just like Racism to me”


Alright, so let’s dive right into it. I’ve read some articles and watched the silly Francesca from MTV’s “Decoded” talk about “Colorism”. How it is completely different from racism. I beg to differ. I can understand how some portray it as different with the core difference being colorism is within one’s race, whereas racism includes a “white power structure with a history of power and oppression”.

Nice attempt of redefining what racism is leftists. But when you look at the broader picture, it is still the judging of a people or an individual strictly based on their skin color. Which is the absolute definition of racism. Complaining about their Black or Brown communities being “brainwashed” by racism and Whites over time and that is why people of color are showing “preference” to lighter-skinned minorities.

Sorry, but I am tired of people of color pretending that somehow they can not be racist simply because they are not White.  Whether it is a light-skinned Black person judging a dark-skinned Black person, or that same light-skinned black person judging a white person, it’s all the same. Judging based strictly on one’s color no matter who is doing the “judging” and whose on the receiving end, it’s racism. And there is never an excuse for it regardless of your color.

Colorism seems to me to simply be a way for minorities to dance around the fact that they themselves can, and unfortunately sometimes are-in-fact racist to whites and other minorities. There is no excuse for it, it’s uncontrollable. You’re born the way you’re born. For example, the video referenced above had spoken to how Brazilians were in an “uproar” because the woman who won the beauty contest there was very dark-skinned. Black in color yes, but a Brazilian-Latina woman nonetheless.

It’s a shame if that is truly how the people in Brazil felt. But to call that colorism is really a disservice to that woman. She was a victim of racism. Brazilians wanted a lighter skinned Brazilian Latina woman to have the “crown”. Simply based on each woman’s skin color. Again, the definition of racism.

Colorism is argued to stem from racism. Again, another way to separate their views and prejudices from the term racism. People from BLM [ Black Lives Matter ] have repeatedly done and said racist things towards Whites, an innocent light-skinned Hispanic woman Police Officer was killed while sitting in her car on the job. Constant verbal chants and threats to other officers especially White officers.

Think about it this way. Black Conservatives are constantly attacked as coons, uncle toms, oreos among other racist things. So since it is racism, but because it is occurring between Blacks, that magically makes it “colorism” instead? I don’t think so. All for nothing more than per the fact the Black conservatives are against awful Welfare-State programs that the Democrats push as handouts. Black conservatives understand that to really succeed in life and in this great country you need to simply work hard and earn your way.

That is why the Left can not regain power. They want to keep everyone ( especially minorities ) dependent on government.  The Welfare-State is nothing more than modern-day slavery. But as to this theory about colorism. Making it out to be something with such a core difference being that colorism is within one’s race whereas the other is one race treating another race as “the other” or “less than“. That colorism is indeed wrong and a shame any time it occurs, I couldn’t agree more.

I disagree however on referencing it as “colorism”. I disagree with once again how the supposed “root” of colorism is the fault of Whites because it “stems” from racism. So Whites are to blame for the way you act individually to one another? Stop it already. So let’s call something for what it truly is for once, it’s 2018 folks. All of it is racism, no matter how you look at it.

Yes it is true that Hispanics and Blacks do sometimes, maybe even often treat lighter-skinned Hispanics and Blacks better than their darker-skinned counter parts. That is wrong on every conceivable level. And yes, it is racism when a light or dark-skinned Black calls another light or dark-skinned Black an uncle tom or a coon, a traitor to their race.

For no good reason other than because they simply do not see eye-to-eye on something. Most commonly seen occurring in Politics to Black Conservatives by Black Leftists and Democrats. But let’s stop pretending it is not the judging of a person or people (even your own) strictly based on their skin color or skin tone. Because that’s exactly what it is. Nice try Francesca, what you discussed as “colorism”, is in fact nothing more than racism.



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