“Adios California-CA lawmakers need to prioritize”


Good old California, the “Golden State”. At least it was once. California was known as a thriving, beautiful state with huge tech companies, and an actual middle class. Today between the representatives running at state level to the homeless people in the thousands. Litter, human fecal matter, syringes and drugs all over the streets in all areas of California especially Major cities from the Bay area San Francisco to Los Angeles.

They have completely lost their middle class, a lot to do with the immense amount of illegal aliens occupying the state. It’s been deemed a “sanctuary state”. They are intentionally defying federal law and endangering ICE agents. Warning illegals in advance to avoid arrest and or deportation. Such as Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf. Knowingly alerted illegals about an ICE raid that was soon coming.

These people are not Americans, they are felons. Along with Pelosi and the disgusting status of San Francisco, Maxine Waters with her multi-million dollar home and oodles of money. Neither even live in the district they represent and both district are in shambles. Attorney General of CA-Xavier Beccera has made it clear that small business owners and citizens will be penalized, simply for abiding federal law. Are they trying to start a civil war?

I can only laugh at Senator Kamala Harris of California when she says, “California is America’s future.” Kamala, your state is failing in every possible way. You all are guilty of prioritizing the needs of illegal aliens above your American citizens in CA. It’s no wonder there is no more middle class. It’s no wonder it costs 10x the cost to rent a U-Haul from California to Phoenix then it does from Phoenix to California. Simply because nobody is moving to California [ except illegals, illegally ], they’re all moving out. In the past decade, over a million more people in the middle class have left California than have moved to or back to California.

The Educational system is run poorly, a lot of school dropouts. Low percentages of graduates compared to the national average per the Bureau of Statistics. They’re ranked 46th out of 50 in overall Education. They also top the nation as having some of the worst areas stricken by poverty. Anyone else seeing a trend with majority Democrat run areas and cities across the country?

California as I mentioned the costs of U-Hauls moving out of California versus moving to, simply because no one is moving to California anymore. Their taxes are among the highest in the nation as well. It recently has been dubbed the least in overall quality of living. Shoot, for example a home in New Jersey( also a highly taxed and densely populated state in the country ) that say is an average size 2 bedroom 2 bath home on an acre. In New Jersey it could range from $100k-$250k depending on location and other amenities. But that same home in California would go for over $500-$600k. Which is utterly insane.

Cost and taxes through the roof, the good old Democratic Party way. They may still have the 5th largest economy, which is something leftist defending California always go back to, trying to avoid the true status of California with all of its problems. It is nothing but deception, they have the Hollywood Elites, “Tech giant” CEO’s, and then skipping the middle class to the poverty-stricken, and of course the homeless. I believe they’re currently holding over 60,000 homeless in the state. That is a conservative statistic at best.

Instead of California punishing citizens and small business owners for abiding United States federal law, they should be putting them as the main priority. Not illegal aliens. AG Becerra, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Ted Lieu, Libby Schaaf, Kamala Harris all continually and blatantly filibustering for DACA recipients and other illegals though well over 60% of illegal aliens are criminals. No, not just per the fact they’re felons simply by being here illegally. That including the crimes committed after getting here. Gang violence, rape, murder, drugs, human trafficking.

ICE reported that Mayor Libby Shaaf’s warning to illegals about an impending ICE raid ended up not only putting extra risk to our ICE agents. But she essentially undermined federal law and also protected over 200 criminals. Libby Schaaf can cry “racism” all she wants. It is a matter of right and wrong. The law is the law. I don’t understand why the Left feels laws on immigration do not have to be followed. If they want to do something about it then you push legislation to change the laws.

You don’t choose which laws you want to follow and not follow. I am glad US Attorney General Sessions is finally going after these corrupt politicians whom are only protecting these illegals, these criminals for the simple fact they need their votes. You Dems need to spend money to help citizens not illegals. Put taxpayer money to clinics for drug addiction for your Californians. Put money towards cleaning the streets and giving jobs to those in need. Not illegal aliens that are stealing those jobs from them.

States are not required to enforce federal laws. However, they can not willingly assist criminals in avoiding law enforcement. They can not cry racism as a justification to endanger federal agents. You are only endangering the law-abiding citizens. The sad part is, California’s leaders honestly do not care. They are perfectly content with an elitist class and then an extremely poor class. A bunch of illegal aliens voting in federal elections and diluting our damn votes so they can retain power and control.

I mentioned how Senator Harris said “California is the United States future”. Saying it basically as “tough noogies”, even though voters have spoken how they’re against this garbage way of running a state let alone a country. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want to live in that sh**hole of a state. It was a great state once. Northern California like Lake Tahoe is still very nice for a visit. Other than that, between the crime, the illegals, the poverty, the schools, infrastructure, litter, homeless people, and not having anything resembling a middle class should be a concern for the representatives of California.

More residents in California agree with conservatives on the failing state. There are more of them than you would think in California, but they keep to themselves because they are quite literally in the “lion’s den’ as it goes to being in one of the most out of touch, liberal “bubbles” I have ever witnessed.

California is our future Senator Harris? If that were to become the case God forbid, I will be looking for some real estate elsewhere. But I am confident that with President Trumps’s successes, and the Democrats continuing to spit in the eye of the common American, we’ll be just fine. California is going to crash completely before this country allows itself to become a giant, open borders, third-world sh**hole. With that said, Adios California!





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