“Trump and Kim Jong Un to have a “sit-down”

President Trump agrees to meet with NK Dictator Kim Jong Un in May.

It has come out that for the first time, our POTUS – Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump agreed to meet with him in regards to the back-and-forth that has been going on for a while about NK denuclearizing, and the prior failed ballistic missile tests by NK as well. The threats to the United States, South Korea and places where we have military bases like Guam.

There is certainly more to be gained rather than lost if we can get a unified Korea. Some fear China and or Japan may not be too thrilled with a unified Korea in regards to the increased overall strength of the country and its military. “United we stand, divided we fall“.

Just a saying, but obviously they would be a stronger world power. As to the United States, this would be the first time a POTUS was to meet with a NK dictator. Even more so if President Trump is successful in his talks with Jong Un. China has and will continue to be a concern for the US, though MSM would like you to think Russia is our biggest problem to deal with. China has done far more to affect our country and others. From market manipulation, currency, to elections.

He has already done and accomplished things other President’s before him have promised but never delivered. Another reason we should be thankful for having such a savvy, and strong business man as our POTUS. The “art of the deal” works in virtually every facet of life. Whether its trade, business, economy, foreign policy. All thriving under Trump since taking office.

So, we will simply have to wait and see how these talks play out. Of course, some on the left on MSM in particular are saying this has happened time and time again as a deception or a stall tactic, in this case being with a younger, unpredictable dictator in Kim. Let’s not forget he has killed his own family members, enslaves people, starves his nation. He is deserving of a cell if you ask me. But this is what foreign policy is all about. Making the best out of a situation. Nobody wants a war, especially nuclear.

But some on liberal MSM have also acknowledged that this would be a huge success for President Trump. Which is correct. Even they can’t continue trying to deceive the populous with their scare tactics and blatant nonsense. Simply put, President Trump has been attacked by the media relentlessly about his talk about NK and Jong Un. Calling him “little rocketman”. Talking about further threats from Kim Jong or how NK will be met with a “fire and fury like no one has ever seen”.

Seems to me those who choose to continue going after Trump saying he is getting played are just concerned he is going to continue to prevail. Just as he said he would. “We’re going to win so much, you’re going to say please Mr. President, “we’re so tired of winning! But we won’t stop winning”! He’s been correct thus far, economy booming, record job growth, GDP growth, Tariffs on Steel trade to bring more jobs and money back to the United States.

This President keeps his promises. He is more than just “fit” for the position, he was born for it. If anyone can get this accomplished with the NK situation, it’s President Trump. He has shown already his ability to “steal the show” and lead at foreign located conventions with world leaders. We’ll hope for the best, and see what plays out in May.

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