“Small Irish town of 300 forced to take migrants despite votes-EU crumbling”

93% of locals voted against. Still forced to take 115 migrants. Over 1/3 of their existing population.

Locals in a small town in Ireland, Lisdoonvarna with a population of 300 are being forced to take in 115 migrants. The town only has a population of 300 to begin with, so this is an increase of about 35%. From the locals living there, 93% voted against this. But it did not matter in the end apparently.

Thanks to the Irish government, controlled by the EU [European Union] that governs Europe. The EU is in desperate need of being dismantled. Forcing this small town against its wishes, and overriding their vote is simply wrong. Why even bother to have the locals in Lisdoonvarna vote on this just for it to be ignored? Per the Irish Times, 197 locals voted against, only 15 for.

“Big” players in town like Marcus White a hotel owner that hosts an annual festival for the town, as well as Paddy Dunne, the Lisdoonvarna Fáilte chairman differed on their opinions of forcibly having to accept these migrants. Mentioning how they feel sympathetic to the refugees, but essentially the town is lacking the resources needed to cater to a 38% increase in its population overnight. Can’t say I’m surprised, with approximately 330 million in the United States, it would be like taking an additional 112 million overnight.

Yes, we’re more “equipped” to handle that type of situation. But it’s bad enough with 500k to a million illegals coming in annually. Imagine 112 million in one day, scary. Paddy Dunne added, “People in the village will be welcoming to a lesser number, but not 115. It is not about the asylum seekers coming, it is about the way in which the Government has conducted this, having no consultation and no facilities in place“.

Ireland currently has a total population of 4.7 million. The EU is forcing them to accept approximately another 1 million from mass migration. It is already a small State within Europe. My hope would be for their benefit as well as the rest of the U.K. – To unite, try to break from the EU. It would likely assist other countries like Italy get out of it until the European Union is no more.

Imagine if the Democrats in the United States were to regain power. I mentioned what is being forced on Ireland among other areas in Europe: Sweden, Italy, France, Germany. All going to hell in a hand basket from mass migration. Loss of culture, increased crimes. The originating population now afraid to go out in their own town at night. No attempt to assimilate like in past decades when immigrants actually had done so and contributed to society in a positive manner.

If the Democrats regain control, we could see them push for a similar set up for government. They want open borders, no sovereignty. They truly spit in the face of every American citizen. Unfortunately many leftists are blind to the bigger picture.[ Also being mislead by liberal MSM ].

Imagine the “United American Union”. Scary isn’t it? Being controlled by one big government over what would be the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and Southern American countries. We want less illegals not more! But not Democrats. They want to import voters from all over, continually praising the EU. Pushing for open borders, defying federal law in California to protect illegal aliens at the detriment of Americans. Not to mention Americans have made it loud and clear they do not want open borders!

The Dems push open borders regardless of what the actual, American voters want. Simply because they know they will get their vote. No matter of importance to Democrats if they’re legally voting or not as long as they have all of the power. Kamala Harris says California is the future? Highly doubt it, but if there is any truth to that, God help us all.


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