“Oscars take another plunge-Libs get political”

Jimmy Kimmel hosting The Oscars”.

So once again, another award show in Hollywood. The 90th annual Oscars hosted by Jimmy Kimmel was everything it was expected to be, politicized with corny attacks on the President and VP. Most notably by the two-faced clown Jimmy Kimmel. Between the identity politics, immigration, firearms, and last but not least championing Planned Parenthood [PP]. Needless to say, it was nauseating to watch.

Kimmel within the first 5 minutes had insulted VP Pence, implying the movies are made to upset him. That Trump was a “big fan of 3/4 of the movie “Get Out”.[ Implication if you haven’t seen the film is that he is racist and enjoyed it until the white family was taken out.]

Kimmel made additional comments regarding President Trump “tweeting from his golden toilet”. As well as how the “Oscar is so old, it’s at home watching Fox News“. Better than your garbage late night “comedy” show Jimmy boy.

The rest of the award ceremony wasn’t as bad as recent award shows like with Hillary Clinton coming out to read lines from that garbage book [Fire & Fury]. But there were the men wearing “times-up” stickers/pins on their lapels. Of course the majority of the women used the stage time to speak about things they know nothing about.

Playing identity politics is all they have. Women, Black communities, DACA, illegal aliens, guns. They are walking, talking robots. They are too dumb or afraid to have an original thought. All the while praising the leader of Planned Parenthood that kills millions of babies every year.

Worst habit with these actors, they don’t bother to do the research before opening their big mouths. These people preach about #metoo, and #timesup. These same ass hats champion or have championed people like Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein, until Weinstein’s disgraceful acts finally got out to the public. They spoke about guns, but they have paid, armed security guards 24/7. Utter hypocrisy at its finest.

Thank God we still have people in Hollywood like James Woods, Dean Cain, Joy Villa, among other conservatives or classic liberals. [Though Joy Villa should get away from that crap called “Scientology”]. It’s no wonder the Oscars yet again, have taken another plunge in ratings. A historical low for this 90th Oscar’s award ceremony. Down 20% from last year. Putting ABC who hosted the awards at only 26.5 million viewers.

Viewers tend to complain about the Oscars for various reasons. Ranging from self-serving tributes to the annual tradition of leaving fan favorites out of the “In Memoriam” portion of the ceremony. This year, for example, Adam West [whom was snubbed for years for the Hollywood star with his name deservingly on it.] and Glen Campbell were snubbed despite being deceased .

Other disappointed viewers felt the telecast goes on too long, ends too late, and is way too politically correct. People watch movies and TV to be entertained. As Ben Shapiro put it, “Hollywood has spit in the eye of the common American”. Basically stating they push PC films and actors for PC purposes. They live in their own bubble of false facts, “their truth”, and straw men.

Hollywood leftists should take a note from Dolly Parton who was interviewed recently. She responded, ” I am not into politics, I am an entertainer”. Now of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, when it is obvious to seemingly everyone but Hollywood and Elitist Democrats that this is not what the people want or need.

Lastly, Ana Navarro and other liberal morons on MSM complained it wasn’t “politicized enough”. Another blatant example of how out of touch these people truly are. They continually spew hatred towards our POTUS, and the GOP calling them “divisive” and “hateful”. It was one of the most divisive award shows I’ve seen. These hypocrites should take a long, hard look in an auditory mirror. Especially you, Jimmy Kimmel.





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