“The oh so tolerant left? – More the oh so hypocritical left”


The left, from the Democrats to liberal MSM are always posing as the moral party, or people. They thumb their nose at the GOP, NRA, and conservatives alike as if we’re the spawn of Satan himself. Ironic when these same oh so “tolerant” people on the left have done so much that is reflective of a childish, violent, fascist, self entitled, hypocritical, virtue signaling moron. They incessantly bitch about racism, equality, amnesty for illegals, islamophobia, male privilege, white privilege. All in the name of “diversity”, political correctness and “equality”. It’s a bunch of crap.

The left right now is hot on the topic of guns and the 2nd Amendment. Trying to use children to take our God-given Constitutional rights. Blaming the NRA and AR-15’s which have nothing to do with the actual problems with these types of shootings. The government failed from federal to local law enforcement in every possible way.

They attack people like Dana Loesch, spokeswoman for the NRA calling her a murderer, speaking about her kids being killed. She’s had to move because of threats made to her and her family. It’s disgusting. Inanimate objects like guns don’t kill people. Nobody in the NRA is responsible for these shootings. All the while the left continues to champion Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood was even honored at the Oscar’s! Planned Parenthood [PP] is responsible for over 1,000 babies being killed every single day. And they’re celebrated as doing some great service to all women. But the NRA is evil? What a crock.

Call the fetus a “bundles of cells” all you want and argue viability all you want. But it is murder. Technically, we’re all “bundles of cells”. As to viability is it then by the left’s view that if an older person needs medical machinery assistance to continue living it’s ok to kill them. Pull the plug as it were. Unless that is what the person asks for, no. That would be murder.

Abortion rates continue to soar and rise every year. PP also advertises and pushes their organization to convince women to get abortions. Even supporting late-term abortions. Which is one of the most vile things ever, its torture to the baby. Ripping it apart limb by limb is barbaric and just wrong on so many levels. Remember, decent percentage of babies are born premature and still survive at a decent rate. So no, not going to sit here quiet while the left attacks innocent people on the right all the while supporting organizations that kill millions of babies a year.

People in Hollywood in particular should avoid the politics. Of course, they have every right to free speech as we all Americans do. It’s just insufferable to hear them droll on about guns when they have armed security 24/7. Hear them talk about sexual assault when they were all-knowing accomplices until Harvey Weinstein’s story broke [ after being initially silenced by NBC. ]

Now pretending to be standing up for equality for women, which we’ve had for many years now. They talk about DACA and illegals but they don’t know the facts. I bet more than half would not know who Kate Steinle is. She was in CA when she was shot by that illegal alien. Hollywood should shut their trap, stick to being entertainers. There is a reason all of your shows are tanking.

The left overall including terrorist groups like Antifa, violent members, racist members of BLM killing innocent Police officers. They preach “inclusion”, “acceptance”, “diversity” and “tolerance”. It’s all a sham. Do as I say not as I do essentially. Diversity, but no diversity of thought, especially if you disagree. Acceptance, quite literally only if you’re a minority, woman, or part of the LQBTQIA________ [whatever], or you must agree on everything they say and do like a robot. Or a brainwashed North Korean stuck in a bubble of bullsh**.

Again with the guns, when it’s a radical Muslim like Omar Mateen, the narrative pushed is “to not to be islamophobic”. Not the correct story, “What is going on with Islam and its ideology?” The Florida shooting was by a disturbed young man who was far-left, also was a member of the “Resistance”. The left-wing extremists. Not a white nationalist group.

That crazy Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson, who was consumed with social media propaganda and bubbling talk of conservatives in their liberal bubble of hypocrisy and hatred. He then made a list of GOP lawmakers and then once he arrived, shot Rep. Steve Scalise and attempted shooting other Republicans at a baseball field. That only rose talks about guns by the left, but quickly died [no pun intended] because of how the “good guy with a gun” being the Capitol Police taking down that shooter proved to trump the left’s BS gun agenda that time. Illegals kill innocent Americans over nothing. You only hear news on liberal MSM if it can fit their narrative.

You have the crazy modern-day femininists like Cathy Areu that are doing nothing but man hating. You have equality with men. There is no pay gap. If you want to eat like a slob go ahead. We don’t need to re-name cities, people and job titles. Or the friggin’ human race. “People-kind”, give me a damn break.

Funny, the blatant hypocrisy in the way they talk about the pride of women, yet it’s “A-OK” for men to identify as a woman if they choose to. They just have to say the magical words. Contradictive in itself as it takes away from the beauty that is the fact real women that can create and shape lives. Versus championing a mental illness like gender dysphoria. Lastly, they create the term “mansplaining” or “manspreading”. But wait? It has the word “man” in it. See where I am going here?

Point to sum it up is how the left, whether Hollywood, MSM, Democratic politicians, activists or voters claim this high moral standard, and how the right is so evil. When in reality you look at actions. They certainly speak louder than words. The left supports violence from groups like Antifa and BLM [ Black Lives Matter ]. People in Hollywood making videos of our President being killed or decapitated. But they’re so empathetic and moral right? Wrong.

Remember Rosie O’Donnell and her big mouth on social media? She should have been arrested for trying to bribe Representatives on the right to not vote in favor of a proposed bill. That is a federal crime. Worth adding the ridiculous garbage that spews from that whole she calls a mouth. You have people in office like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand. All two-faced liars and hypocrites.

Schiff with his nonsense with the Russian collusion. Gillibrand with her phony feminism. Maxine Waters the anti-Semite and millionaire running a district she does not live in into the ground. Just like Nancy Pelosi! Elizabeth Warren is a massive hypocrite.

Focahontas, as I and many refer to her deservingly. She has benefitted from lies since enrolling in University while putting on her application that she’s of Cherokee decent. Native American, what I properly say indigenous Peoples’ to what is now America. Sorry, not sorry. She got advantages in University, as well as a Professor after the fact. It of course played a healthy role in getting her to where she is today.

Elizabeth Warren is not recognized by the Native Americans as one. There is absolutely no evidence or records of any kind to prove her claim. Though she likes to brag about her high cheek bones and how her auntie always talked about how Native Americans have high cheek bones. She published that garbage cookbook “Pow Wow Chow”.

Now who is mocking a heritage? Not only does this woman lie about her culture and race. She uses the lie to advance her education, her career. She makes a bunch of money from a book that couldn’t possibly sound more condescending to actual Native Americans. She is an absolute disgrace. Lastly crazy Pelosi. She recently praised her grandson about how it’s great that he is essentially not proud of his own heritage and how he would rather be brown. What the hell is wrong with all of you? Why do so many of you hate yourselves?

You all on the left pretend to be tolerant, yet you verbally and physically attack anyone that doesn’t agree with every little thing you say and do. That makes you not only hypocritical but a fascist. You pretend to be accepting, like the “fat acceptance” movement.

Well, you’re lying to overweight people and you’re aiding in their early demise. You preach diversity, but not the most important which is of thought. You act as if you have the higher moral standard. Yet you cover up for sexual deviants and crooked politicians. You may appear to have it to some, especially ones stuck in the liberal media bubble. However, ones with a functioning brain that are paying attention are wise to your act. You’re all hypocrites and more are waking up to that each and every day.




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