“Maxine Waters promising reparations-“Stump Trump”

Representative Maxine Waters of California (D)

Maxine Waters is at it again with her crazy rhetoric. This time around she is promising financial reparations to the Black community during her so-called “Stump Trump” speech. That is assuming the Democrats regain power in the House in 2018. She had made this statement in Selma, Alabama on Saturday.

As per usual, anything she says regarding President Trump is an attack. Anything she says never concludes without a jab at the POTUS. Crazy Maxine despite the DOJ announcing no American had anything to do with Russian “meddling” in our 2016 Presidential Election, still pushes the Trump-Russia narrative. Can’t say I am surprised. Her “impeach 45” garbage has been spouted so many times, she’s like a broken record. A “broken record” being an understatement of course.

She spoke of President Trump stating: “Trump is a bully, he has a bully mentality”.” We someone in the Presidency that has good sense but also understands diplomacy and what we need to do to have peace in this world so we can all look forward to the possibility that we’re someday going to have a world that is about peace, justice, and respect for individual liberty“.

Ha! Coming from Maxine Waters, well-known to be affiliated with extreme anti-Semites such as Louis Farrakhan and Keith Ellison. She’s one to talk about peace in the world and individual liberties when she is supporting Palestinian suicide bombers and is part of a Democratic party that is for anything but individual freedoms. Quite the opposite. The Left is all about big government, power and control, identity politics, group think, and political correctness. Judging by color, creed, wealth (which she has plenty of) and virtue signaling. She is a complete hypocrite.

She also continued to discuss nonsensical legislation for reparations from ones like John Conyers. Spoke about a supportive President [ AKA a Democrat that follows suit ], and getting power back in the House and White House to push their agenda”. Well, we already have a very supportive President IMO. Trump has reached across the aisle multiple times. Provided generous offers on things such as DACA and amnesty. The Democrats don’t care. Simply a bargaining chip for sway of power or to stall legislation.

It’s laughable to listen to Representative Maxine Waters speak about anything regarding negatives with the GOP when she has multiple multi-million dollar homes like Nancy Pelosi in California. Doesn’t live in the district she represents, and most importantly how the districts they represent are in shambles and stricken with violence, drugs, litter, poverty. While they live their lives of luxury.

They ignore it, even aid in helping illegals avoid ICE. California all together is falling apart and they simply make excuses and make the illegal the victim and not innocent American citizens like Kate Steinle. They continue to stall on DACA, trying to continue avoiding immigration reform so they can keep illegals here as well as continue letting them get into the country illegally. More illegals, more votes. New demographic, more “blue voting” areas. They would never again lose power, but we would no longer recognize our great country. It’s not a matter of skin color, it is a matter of culture.

These Representatives especially like Maxine Waters need to remember, they’re elected by the people, for the people. Stop sucking up our hard-earned tax payer dollars accomplishing nothing for said people. Stop endorsing terrorist-backed organizations from Palestine. Stop protecting and befriending anti-Semites. And then call our President a racist without a shred of evidence.

All the while pushing you push your false narratives, obstructing our President’s attempts to better the country. Over and over, “impeach 45”. Give it a rest. His approval rating is only increasing. And thankfully, the nonsense about the possible “gun taking, due process later” talks he has gotten away from. Because that would be a huge slap in the face of the Constitution. It’s easy for Maxine Waters, Hollywood, and the rest of the Left to talk about giving up guns when they have armed security 24/7.

How about you resign since you haven’t done a damn thing for your citizens Ms. Waters?  All for nothing more than to look the other way blindly allowing illegals pour in and get their votes to retain control. Remember, you were elected by the American people to serve the American people. Not yourself or your self-serving interests.


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