“Chicago Mayor Emanuel poor approval- ID’s aiding illegals ability to vote”

Chicago Mayor Emanuel is pushing for illegal aliens to have photo ID cards.

Chicago, Illinois. The once great city where the Mayor, Rahm Emanuel is pushing forward an ID card for illegal aliens that would allow for illegal aliens to utilize a few new benefits. Such as city transport or giving the ability to prove their identity for any scenario you can imagine. But what it also does is give an “official” state issued photo ID that would be accepted for State and Federal voting. They’re calling it the “City Key“.

They claim you have to present evidence of citizenship which is simply not true. Yes, they have to verbally state they’re a citizen of the United States. Sorry, but when it comes to National elections, I am not content with the ol’ “honor system”. Especially knowing illegal aliens affect our votes as it is with the government census.

They vote illegally if they can get away with it and they do. Why do you think Democrats want so many illegals given amnesty? The votes, control, and power. Nothing more. They don’t actually care about these illegals or their well-being.

Chicago has plenty of other, certainly more important priorities it should be addressing instead of a Mayor pushing an ID card for illegals that carries heavy consequences. Simply because he only has a 25% approval rating and he is trying to anything in his power to get re-elected. Another example of a Democrat willing to ignore citizens and federal law to retain their position of power.

Chicago has a huge problem with black on black crimes, murders, illegal firearms. Gun deaths hitting record highs. The majority of the murders occurring are Blacks being killed by fellow Blacks. Unfortunate but true. Though there was a slight decrease in the killings in 2017 of 15%, it is nothing more than a coincidence. This year to date, Chicago already has almost 500 murders. Last I checked it was over 470, and we’re barely into the month of March.

Chicago is only safer than 6% of all cities in the United States. They average 10.55 crimes per every 100k people. Putting Chicago 35% higher than the national average. There are more potholes than there is the road. It’s a “sanctuary city”, ergo like California intentionally opposing the Union and federal law. So it’s overrun with illegals and low-skilled labor being occupied.

The job market sucks in Chicago. Illegal aliens certainly don’t help that problem. The city is going bankrupt. If they did their damn jobs running the city properly, prioritizing their legal citizens needs’ and the city’s needs they wouldn’t have to do things like hike taxes. They wouldn’t have to re-instate parking fees on Sundays. They wouldn’t have to spend a ton on traffic cameras simply to ticket as many as possible to make money. The schools wouldn’t be in shambles either.

That’s what happens when a person or person(s) that are running a major city don’t care to prioritize their city’s greatest challenges. Mayor Emanuel can sit there and grandstand about how he’s only making these ID’s to help all people of Chicago. That it’s this wonderful and virtuous idea.

Truth is, it’s nothing more than to allow illegals the ability to vote in federal elections and help him surpass the 25% approval rating in the hopes of re-election. There are already cities in the United States allowing illegals to vote. We need to get Congress to enforce voter ID that proves citizenship as well. No more illegals diluting mine nor any American citizens’ vote.


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