“Wake Forest refuses to act – Racial attack on Conservative student”

Ryan Wolfe – Wake Forest Conservative student. Complaint ignored by University on racial attack.


Ryan Wolfe, a student from Wake Forest University. A young man who is politically conservative. Recently, simply because of his political views he was sent memes and they were posted around of his face on a cracker. Obviously an inference to his being White. He requested a Judicial case within the University. Wake Forest University’s Bias Response Team refused to act, though there is concrete evidence Wolfe was a victim of racism and harassment. The reason was more less per the Dean allegedly was “well, Trump won”.

Wolfe had made a statement regarding the inaction by the University. “I’ve learned a lot from my time here, and have enjoyed my years at Wake Forest. “Unfortunately, one of the things I’ve learned is to not trust University bureaucrats to pursue ‘blind justice’ when enforcing policies. If this is what social justice looks like in practice, we cannot let this ideology infect our judicial system.”

It amazes me that the University is not taking action. Claiming it will “make things worse for Wolfe“. But Wolfe requested it, shouldn’t that be his decision? He is the one that was harassed and had multiple racial attacks and slurs against him for simply being White, and conservative. Students had physically handed him boxes of saltines in the halls, made verbal insults, posted nasty comments and memes on social media. All racially charged. But he’s White, so it doesn’t matter….

Wolfe told The Wake Forest Review – that Dean of Students Adam Goldstein dismissed the harassment Wolfe received by saying “Trump won” though the incidents in question took place before Trump was elected. The Dean made the excuse how Trump becoming President put everyone in a heated state. And correlated that to rationalizing the racist behavior of the leftist students committing the disgusting acts though they occurred before the election itself.

Imagine if it was a Black student getting the same exact treatment. It would be all over MSM, there would be a huge outrage nationwide. Guaranteed that the Dean and the University would have taken action. This is the hypocrisy that is the Left. Along with the increasing Marxist teachers, educators and institutions of “higher” learning pushing this safe space, social justice, culture appropriation, virtue signaling, political correctness crap. Campuses have been completely brainwashed.

It’s a shame this young man, simply because he is White doesn’t get a fair chance at justice. Simply because he is conservative his beliefs aren’t important or valid. Because he has a different viewpoint than most at his University they do not listen. That it somehow makes it magically OK to be some type of hypocritical racist.

Someone whom is closed off to reality and has way too high a sense of self entitlement. Some insane theory that you can’t be racist to a Caucasian. At the same time acting as if you’re all about diversity. When in fact you despise the most important type of diversity. Diversity of thought.




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