“Trans-boy, beats crap out of girls in wrestling-Fair?”

Mack Beggs – Wrestler outside Dallas. Trans-Boy that identifies as a girl, wrestles girls while on testosterone.


Well feminists, you pushed and keep pushing for more than sincere equality among women and men. You continually push boundaries for new, yet contradicting “social norms”. You claim, “if a man identifies as a woman, than they are a woman“. Or in this case “if a woman identifies as a man they’re a man“. The good ol’ trans-gender movement. “Good for them”! Is it though?

Mack Beggs, a young woman in the Dallas, Texas area has been transitioning into a “boy”. Mack has been on testosterone for much of “his” young life. Now think about it. If any woman in general wrestling [ like one of many this trans-boy has mopped the floor with ], was caught taking testosterone. It would be considered “doping” and that person would be disqualified.

But because this girl identifies as a boy, it’s “OK” to take high levels of testosterone? Forgive my ignorance. I could have sworn that was hypocrisy. A large outrage had occurred when “he” won the regional a couple of weeks prior. I wonder why.

Many of the other girl wrestlers lost from wrestling Beggs. Whereas many also forfeited or simply refused to wrestle “him”. Beggs was undefeated entering the meet. Now here is the interesting part. I usually do not hold this type of view. For the record I completely disagree with transgender lifestyle.

Especially with parents that advocate for it and allow their kids to be test subjects IMHO. I as well as the medical community personally feel it’s a mental illness, gender dysphoria. I believe it’s child abuse by the parents that encourage it.

Beggs is being prevented from wrestling biological boys simply because the birth certificate of course says female. Biologically “he” is. This rule is enforced in Texas and most other states. I’d normally side with the ruling regarding the biological sex. But this teenager has been transitioning from a very young age and taking testosterone and other supplements that give her the same testosterone levels as a man.

I don’t see how parents can allow their kids to undergo that type of procedure quite frankly, I think it’s wrong. But what’s done is done. Just look at the photo. No surprise how this is the 2nd consecutive state title for her/him.

It is like men transitioning to “women”, and then fighting biological women in the UFC [mixed martial arts]. They’re beating the living crap out of these women all the same. So we have the same problem by championing a mental illness. But from the ‘other side of the coin’ as it were. Advocates still encouraging gender dysphoria. But allowing biological men to fight biological women and pretending it’s perfectly fine and fair when it simply is not is nonsensical.

They may be taking various supplements to transition. But they still have a much higher advantage in strength and in size. Especially regarding the upper body [ about 50% more upper-body strength on average ].

I know some of that may have sounded a bit contradicting. Yes, I am making two arguments here, but with one key commonality. As you can see, this young wrestler has a major advantage. I would typically say how I will never acknowledge a biological man as a woman nor a woman as a man. That to me being common sense, we should not stray from basic biology. A man is a man, a woman is a woman. No matter what you do. But frankly, I see a boy when I look at that picture above. He is not one, but has proven “he” should be with the boys in respects to the sport.

That raises the question, is it going to end women’s sports? At this rate, I don’t think there will be true women’s sports at least ones benefitting with an advantage of more physicality. Soon it will be a bunch of jacked-up biological women that look like men beating the crap out of women whether it’s boxing, hockey, or wrestling. Or a biological man who identifies as a woman and still beating the crap out of women in physical sports having major advantages in physical strength. Either way, they’re screwed.

Leftists and LGBTQIAWXYZ [ whatever the hell the acronym is nowadays ] were yelling about how “it isn’t fair for Beggs to “have to” fight women when he is a boy”. Well see “he” is not biologically a boy. Which is very important to remember, Beggs is a girl. Again, this isn’t your typical case either. This is the one-time occasion where I am actually in agreement with them only regarding this individual case. This girl, or “transitioning boy” should be wrestling with boys. Or not at all.

I think it is wrong to give in to the delusion that a biological boy is a girl, and that a biological girl is a boy. They’re not. But in this matter I would have to side on what I see and what seems logical in this particular case. Mack Beggs is a girl. But through the transition and seeing this photograph of this young student. I see a “boy” who certainly has an unfair advantage, and with this case being anecdotal. Texas should do the right thing and have Beggs wrestle with the boys in “his” weight class, or not at all. Before one of these girls gets seriously injured.





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