“All that hype for Black Panther-Where’s the love for Cyborg?”


Ray Fisher, the 30-year-old born in Baltimore, grew up in Lawnside, NJ. An actor known recently for his role as “Cyborg” in the DC Universe Films “Batman V. Superman, Dawn of Justice” and recently released “Justice League“. The movie was actually pretty good overall. But somewhat rushed in the first half.

Something I noticed however, is how much love the “Black Panther” film received vs. the love given to the Cyborg character.[ Not to mention the lack of excitement for “Falcon” and “War Machine” both played by Black actors ]. Cyborg happens to be played by a Black man named Victor. Who becomes a part robot, part machine called a cyborg after having an awful accident and his scientist father desperate to do anything to bring his son back via “Alien technology”.

He may not play a king, but he has super-human abilities. Even before becoming the “Cyborg” in the comics and film. His character had a genius IQ and a football scholarship before the explosion that ultimately made him into the super hero. But I have not heard any love for the “Cyborg”. Reasons as to why I believe this is happening.

The Marvel movies have been more successful than the Warner Bros. DC movies. However, The new Justice League movie did do quite well overall worldwide. But my real gripe is all of the hype on Black Panther and how it was made out to be this revolutionary thing that gave hope to all Black people. More so than the abolishment of slavery, MLK Jr. , the Civil Rights Act or Jim Crow.

The movie is fiction, the city Wakanda does not exist. The character was made by two Jewish guys. Not to mention, if you consider how the riches and technology were kept within the “city”. That shows they weren’t even willing to share it with their African brothers and sisters. Seems selfish, not just to me. Many have shown this to be their interpretation as well.

So, it brings me to this question, what is it that is so special about Black Panther when no one at all seems to celebrate a new, young (30) Black man who has the character that is very popular for DC fans. The Justice League, Teen Titans. So why no love for Cyborg? Also consider the fact his character represents a young man with a genius IQ, a successful athlete before he became the Cyborg.

There also wasn’t much said about War Machine, or Falcon which are leading roles in the Marvel Universe. I’m willing to concede because Falcon and War Machine don’t get as much attraction. But as to Cyborg being such an intricate character in the DC universe, I would at least expect some love coming out for him as well. But it’s nothing compared to what Black Panther draws.

I believe a large part of it is simply the wording of “Black Panther”. Relating to the actual militant Black Panthers that still exist today. Then there is the largest factor in my opinion, which is that it is more focused on African culture throughout the movie though it was really just the clothing.

The fact that the director was Black for Black Panther vs. Justice League being directed by a Caucasian man. So I can understand it at the overall view of things. But Cyborg is deserving of more respect from all fans not just the Black community of fan geeks.

Fisher playing the character of Cyborg sets a great example. A smart, athletic young man. Genius IQ, has an unfortunate accident and his father also a genius being an exemplary scientist, attempts to save his life with alien technology. Successfully doing so, his son becomes the Cyborg. Already super intelligent, he is even more so now and also a formidable opponent with a wide range of weapons.

I believe his mother had passed in the film, however it was a healthy two parent home that signified benefits of a traditional family. Two parent homes give children automatic advantages. Numbers don’t lie. It shows young Black kids and minorities are just as smart and capable to reach success no different from anyone else.

The beauty of this country is the fact that anyone and everyone has the ability, to go after anything and do anything they are willing to work for. You earn it, nobody can take that away from you. More folks should support this actor and the character. He sets not just a good , positive example. He sets a necessary example. One that could really provide positive influence to the right communities.





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