“Not fat shaming, We don’t want you to die!”


“Body shaming”. A term that is taboo to many. Sometimes referred to as “fat shaming”. Obese people’s response, “fat-phobia and fat acceptance”. Now, I want to begin stating that I do not have any hatred for overweight people. I simply do not want to play this game of “you’re not fat, you’re beautiful“. Let’s be honest about obesity. It is a large cause of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, joint issues, breathing issues, and heart disease. It’s only the most preventable death. The problem across the globe with weight gain has only gotten worse. We’ll talk about what needs to stop, and what needs to commence.

The issue of obesity in the world, the United States and Europe in particular. Also including westernized areas such as Australia, applies of course to both men and women. Since the 1970’s, obesity had tripled for children. 1 in 5 children today are obese. 1 in 3 adults are obese. Now technically speaking, you can be considered obese by any Doctor being 10-15 lbs over your ideal weight for your size.

I will admit, I don’t always agree with the numbers. For example, I know a woman who is 5’5″ 135 lbs. She is not out of shape, she’s not overweight, she exercises every day. Her Doctor said she is technically obese. But she is healthy. And that is the main point is happiness, wellness, but first and foremost health.

Anyone that is unhappy with their bodily shape or figure. Anyone male or female that knows their weight [if they’re being honest] is detrimental to their health and or makes them unhappy. Do something about it! I hear nothing but excuses of diets not working, or it’s too difficult to exercise, lastly the worst excuse. “I’m beautiful, happy and healthy the way I am“. Hearing that from a woman who can’t fit a seatbelt on is quite hard to believe. this brings me to my next point regarding the “fat-phobia, fat shaming” movement as it were.

Sorry, but the truth of the matter is the majority of this so-called movement are obese feminists. I am not going to focus too much on the feminist aspect of the agenda to help delusions of being very overweight being somehow beautiful and preaching “fat acceptance”. I say this because there are plenty of women out there that are already fighting this movement by preaching losing weight and being healthy. Exercising, and eating right.

But extremely overweight women to very overweight women play the victim card as usual when it’s convenient. Virtue signaling how they have to “justify their existence”. But at the same time it’s ok for them to ask the same questions to other women [typically women that lost weight and are now happy and healthy!] when the damn topic of conversation is health! You all know you’d be happier and more importantly healthier if you were to lose some weight. Or a lot of weight in many cases.

Remember also ladies, I am not referring to women that are “curvy” either. The last woman I was dating was curvy. Matter of fact, before we met she was much, much heavier. But guess what? She had lost a ton of weight before I met her. She is a beautiful woman. But she accepted the fact she was unhealthy, and unhappy. She did what it took and still to this day does what it takes to continue getting in better shape and keeping it. It’s called being committed, or dedication. Admittedly, then I wouldn’t have dated her. Now she is one sexy, bright, and happy woman.

Katie Hopkins a journalist and speaker out of the UK. Who is very opinionated on the obesity issue. I am saying it just as she would. Except it’d be more like “stop cramming all of those biscuits in that hole of yours you fat fatties“. I love her directness and honesty. To not only talk the talk, she walked the walk. Hopkins intentionally gained over 40 lbs. Within weeks, she had lost it all with dedication, exercise, and eating properly.

It simply sickens me how these obese women in particular continue to virtue signal and create excuse after excuse. They will talk about how they’re diets weren’t working. They will lie blatantly and say things like they swim a few miles a day and walk or run everyday. But without having a serious medical issue that would make it near impossible to lose weight doing all that, I have no choice but to call BS.

The genetics excuse. Guess what? Science has been settled on this. Yes, some people are healthy at different sizes. But let’s ensure we’re staying in the realm of reality. A lil’ extra as it were is not what we’re concerned about. You know who you are. We are talking about the very overweight individuals that can’t accept the fact they are miserable, and too damn lazy to stay committed to exercise, or to a diet plan.

People with a medical issue that would completely prevent them from being able to exercise, but they eat right and are overweight. Ok, there is your anecdotal example that makes up less than 1%. The vast majority of cases are simply women cheating on diets, or not taking the necessary actions to burn more calories than they are taking in.

Yes ladies, calm down. I am fully aware there are larger women that are modeling. Some of them are very attractive. But they are not obese! Ones that have published photos with obese women can pretend it’s some magical accomplishment. Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re only encouraging a lifestyle and a weight that is going to end up being a part of many young deaths.

As to the argument of “well they put me in the shoot because they believe I am beautiful the way I am”. No, they are just taking advantage of a taboo topic and all the while appealing to other demographics. No different from the half-dozen clothing stores nationwide that are specific to plus size women and men. If being unhealthily obese was truly attractive to the eye. We would be seeing a majority of models that are plus size. That is not the case and there’s a darn good reason for it.

Also remember, that it is not men doing the fat shaming. Most guys don’t really care. We’re horny 24/7. But even then we have limits. Point is, it is women that put this so-called “patriarchal” display of what “normal” or “ideal” sizes should be. Gay men and other women. Swimsuit catalogs, again very healthy and lean women. For the exception of the one-time politicized issue of Sports Illustrated with some curvy broads. TV, commercials, movies.

All the same, attractive and women that are nowhere near obese. Comedy is virtually the only way you can get in the limelight and be famous as a disgustingly fat slob. Ironic too how obese people get “offended” by people calling them out for being overweight and suggesting they do something about it. But when it’s a fellow fat comedian. They laugh at every fat joke in the book.

Women in particular that are obese to a detrimental extent also have the problems of having such an unhealthy BMI [body mass index] they have what doctors call “toxic fat” which refers to fat that surrounds our vital organs [applies to men too] that not only are they more prone to heart disease but can easily die from a heart attack with little exertion. Being so overweight you have to sleep on your side or sitting up because of the extra weight on your heart. We don’t want you to die! We aren’t fat shaming you!

Nor are Doctors being cruel when they tell you, “hey, you need to lose weight“. They are doing their damn jobs. They are paid to keep you healthy, at least tell you what is necessary to be or stay healthy. It is not some personal vendetta. Most Doctors have a form of Aspergers anyways. They do not have an emotional stake, believe me. They just tell it how it is. Which is how I prefer it. No coddling, no political correctness to muck up the facts.

Cost is another argument from the obese that refuse to admit they’re miserable and unhealthy. However, it is actually quite easy to find healthy, edible foods that do not cost much at all. Vegetables, fruits, lettuce for salads. Meats cooked properly, when grocery shopping you end up spending less than your damn McDonald’s. So I don’t care for that excuse either. That’s all it is.

The problem is denial, and laziness. These obese people look to any reason to give up on a diet or exercise. Any excuse to quit and say it’s everyone else’s fault. Nice try. Majority of obesity is from eating too damn much and not doing enough, not moving enough to burn the food you take in. And NAAFA [ The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance ] isn’t helping obesity. You would think just maybe, they were created to support obese people with losing weight, getting healthy, helping them to do what is necessary. No, they are pushing the acceptance of obesity and how being unhealthy to such an extreme is “OK”.

Once you lose a certain amount of weight, and are proving to specialists that you are in fact committed. You get other options to reach success like a couple of surgeries that are common for overweight people. Surgeries that essentially shrink your stomach down, some even removing part of your stomach and so on. Some use their anecdotal example of how the “band broke and they had stomach issues”. Well, yes unfortunately every so often in the world surgeons do make mistakes.

However, abusing it can cause them to defect as well. So Lord only knows if the individual I am speaking of actually was an unfortunate example. Or if she was eating foods and doing certain things that would put her at a higher risk of complication. Before I finish, for the record you can be too skinny. anorexia, bolemia are very dangerous as well and people suffering from that need to get help as well. But that problem is not nearly as relevant as to the rapid growth of obesity, especially here in the United States.

There are approximately 2.5 billion people who are overweight, with about 750 million that are extremely obese. I repeat, this is the number one most preventable death. Tripled with children since the 1970’s. Again, the problem is both with obese men and women. But women are the ones pushing “fat acceptance”. How about, get off of your lazy ass and actually be honest with yourself. Exercise, eat well. Continue to do so. Not everyone is a size 6.

You may think I am condescending. I simply do not find massively obese women attractive. But that does not determine your worth. You do, you can. So step the hell up and do something about it. Quit the excuses, virtue signaling and playing the victim card when you get exposed in a debate for the frauds you are. Quit it with the falsities. This is for your benefit, the lifestyle is not healthy. Not every size is healthy, not every size is attractive. If you find yourself a bit angry, just remember this is not out of hatred. We just don’t want you to die!







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