“Left vs NRA-Whose to blame? CNN Anti-Gun Town Hall”

Broward County Sheriff Israel blasted by Dana Loesch of the NRA at “CNN anti-gun rally” Wednesday night.


Wednesday evening, we had Representative Marco Rubio (Fla.) and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch thrown into a “cirque de crazy” as it were with what was essentially an angry mob. CNN held an “anti-gun” town hall in Florida per the recent school shooting. The entire so-called town hall was nothing more than a staged attempt by the Left and the Broward’s County Sheriff Israel and his office deflecting responsibility from themselves and other entities that could have prevented this such as the FBI.

Guest speakers were on the center stage while the audience gave questions. [ Some controversy on the validity of the CNN approved questions ] Guests included – Dana Loesch of the NRA, Sheriff Israel of Broward County Sheriff’s Department, Marco Rubio, and of course the guests coming forward with their questions including students and parents of students. The whole point of this was supposedly for solutions to prevent more school shootings.

But what it was supposed to be, versus what it became are completely different. It was an obvious staging by the Left and Liberal MSM [CNN in particular] to simply attack the heck out of the NRA, Congress, and the President. Even focused attacks from the crowd against Dana Loesch of the NRA. People yelling “you’re a murderer“, “burn her” and “blood money” at Loesch as if she pulled the trigger herself.

We need to go over the facts of the case. In fairness to all sides, we need to allow the students to speak under their 1st Amendment rights to expression. But that does not mean if we disagree with 15 year olds that we are monsters. It is a matter of their immaturity, lack of life experience, and wisdom. Also of course, understandingly upset and very emotional.

I’ve mentioned before how that in itself is dangerous because when people of any age are trying to push agendas or make big decisions under emotion. It’s virtually impossible to do so with reason and logic. We also must note that the district in which this was held was a 66% Clinton favored to Trump 31% during the election. Needless to say it was an opportunistic move by the Left to take advantage of the shooting in Broward County.

Firstly, I give immense credit to (R) Marco Rubio for showing up. He had been accused of taking “blood money” by the NRA also, a student challenged him to say right there and then to stop taking donations from the NRA. Rubio would not submit to the snarky teenager. He stood his ground, and frankly why should he not take donations from the NRA? The NRA is not an evil entity that the Left makes them out to be. They were founded in the late 1700’s to combat the KKK for crying out loud.

The NRA consistently fights to protect our Constitutional Rights as Americans. An NRA member has never committed a murder. But the town hall was filled with angry parents, students, and anti-gun activists [at least now] that politically stand overwhelmingly to the left and good ol’ Jake Tapper “mediating”. He was as useful as a spork for eating spaghetti, [maybe less].

One after the other, including Sheriff Israel who also verbally attacked Rubio and Loesch. Attempts by people in the stands to storm the stage having to be restrained by security. She was also booed down when calling out the hypocrisy of CNN by not covering how the NRA has been pushing to get legislation that would help in preventing any mentally ill individuals getting firearms. Figures. Ok to the facts of the case and what it means.

It sickens me how the Sheriff could have said what he had to Dana Loesch in front of the audience. Knowing full well that 4 of his deputies were at the scene of the shooting, yet did not act. Initially, one was there on the school grounds and stood down for about 6 minutes. However, 3 other deputies arrived and stood outside the school while hearing the gun shots for at least 3-4 minutes.

Excuses by Sheriff Israel and MSM have continued since that came out. Conveniently after the town hall. He still will not take any responsibility. Justifying that it’s essentially “OK” that an armed, trained officer and ultimately officers under his command were there and did nothing. They don’t deserve to be cops. What happened “To Serve and Protect“?

We already had known about the fact that the school was made aware of the shooter’s mental problems, obsession with firearms, and other information that would raise red flags of concern. The FBI was warned at least twice and never took action. There were social media trails going all the way back to mid 2017 alone that should have had him brought in, and under his real name. [ For the record this is the last time I mention this little S.O.B’s name – Nikolas Cruz ]. For the sake of going over all of the facts to the case.

There is the 39 total times that Law Enforcement was called to shooter’s residence. I believe 23 of them were to Broward County. One of the calls was from the shooter himself, and another was from him having one of his guns pointed at his mother’s head. But apparently to Broward County Sheriff. That wasn’t something they were able to charge him with. Really? Sheriff, you and those 4 deputies should all resign.

As to the young man getting firearms in the first place, let’s visit back a year ago. Let’s not forget he’s barely 19 years old now. Had the local police reported his actions, or the FBI. He would never have been able to purchase a firearm. His record would have gone into a database that is for the exact cause to provide necessary information on background checks. The government failed in literally every aspect of this case. It was not the NRA. It was not Marco Rubio or Congress. Last but not least it certainly is not the fault of President Trump.

This was an awful tragedy. But I believe 22 people were shot in Chicago just in the last few days. Now have you heard MSM report on that? It always seems to be the way of MSM and the Left in general to be strangely selective to the narratives they want to push to promote their agenda. Folks, newsflash. You can’t blame law-abiding gun owners. You can not blame inanimate objects. Guns don’t fire themselves. Reminder, you are 16x more likely to be killed by a person with a knife than a person with a rifle.

There is no doubt a war currently against law-abiding Americans and their 2nd Amendment rights. Nobody at that town hall listened to a single thing Dana Loesch or Marco Rubio had to say. We all want to find solutions to prevent shootings.

But when armed, trained officers cower from acting to save the lives of children, how the hell do you expect to convince us that we need to disarm ourselves to protect society when Police aren’t doing so? You really want to rely solely on the Police and Military to protect you after an incident like this?

They blame us, they didn’t act. But somehow we’re at fault so we have to trust in them to take care of us. I am completely supportive of law enforcement in general. There are a lot of good cops out there. But certainly not in Broward County Florida. The left wants us to give up our guns? After that epic failure, no thank you. I’ll look after my own family.




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