“Left & MSM need to talk about MS-13 problems in US”



What is it about MS-13 that President Trump is trying to combat? The Left including MSM [Mainstream Media] have ignored the problem that is MS-13. The gang that originates out of El Salvador. But consists of members across central America, and the United States. A majority of them come here illegally, whether as children or as adults. Results end up the same.

A massive cartel consisting of gangs [ 70,000 members ] that are involved with human trafficking, drugs, prostitution, home invasions, and murder. Those are just a few of the things MS-13 is guilty of. The cartel started in the 1980’s. Though it doesn’t seem to be enough to some on the left, since Joy Reid referred to MS-13 as just a “Fox News viewer’s story“. Well, I beg to differ Miss Reid.

This gang as I’ve mentioned have committed dozens of murders across the U.S. occupying at least 22 states. They’re listed as a “priority” by the DOJ’s Department Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Division. According to our AG Jeff Sessions, prosecutors are able to pursue any legal direction to combat MS-13. This cartel’s code: “mata, viola, controla” – which means “kill, rape, control”. What a lovely motto. An official at the Justice Department said,

They seek to live up to this motto through truly shocking acts of violence designed to instill fear: vicious machete attacks, execution-style gunshots, gang rape and human trafficking.”

They seek to live up to this motto through truly shocking acts of violence designed to instill fear, vicious machete attacks, execution-style gunshots, gang rape and human trafficking.”

Though I’ve mentioned they originate from El Salvador. And most think California and Mexicans when they hear MS-13. The cartel has expanded since that now includes Hondurans, Guatemalans, Mexicans and other Central and South Americans. If you are a member, and you want out good luck.

MS-13 recruits are middle school to high school students, predominantly in immigrant and illegal alien communities. In New York alone, Long island in the past two years have had at least 25 murders committed by this gang. POTUS Trump has been talking out about this problem we have with them.

Trump has called on Congress to “close the deadly loopholes that have allowed MS-13 members” into the United States during his first State of the Union Address [SOTU]. During his SOTU he had also acknowledged them being a big issue. But more importantly, honored the families affected by MS-13.

Victims, families of victims of MS-13. President Trump vowed to take action. He again has kept his word to this point. All the while under the Obama Administration, it seems MS-13 had taken their opportunity to rise. So  of course now they’re a bigger problem than ever. But Trump’s been acting.

We did have that bust I have spoken about before. Occured within the last few months. Ultimately a bust of 267 MS-13 members, where about 170 were here illegally. But 67 of those 267, had come here illegally as children.

The Justice and Homeland Security Departments under President Trump have made targeting the gang a top priority. Sessions instructed his law enforcement department’s agencies and federal prosecutors across the country to prioritize MS-13 members’ prosecution. Per an executive order signed by President Trump in January of last year.[2017]

For anyone on the left or right to downplay the problem that is MS-13 is simply ignorant, and wrong. For all of the poor families that are victimized. The families who’ve lost their kids-victims across the United States and Central America.

So the left and MSM, in particular Joy Reid can call it a “Fox News viewers” story. She’s entitled to her opinion. Everyone is, but I assure you. Anyone paying attention knows they’re a big problem in the U.S. and we must continue to support the President in working to eradicating it.


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