“Haley hits back at Palestinian official”

Nikki Haley UN Ambassador


Nikki Haley, our US Ambassador of the United States had some words with an official of Palestine. The Liberation Organization Secretary General of Palestine-Saeb Erekat said to Haley, “she needs to shut up and realize the Palestinian leadership is not the problem“. Apparently not too happy with Nikki Haley’s speech from January 2017 in which she criticized Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas regarding his being an anti-Semite.

Certainly not a surprise, a Palestinian having hatred for Jews, getting sour when a strong woman like Haley speaks up never taking any crap. They’re used to all the women in Palestine being 2nd class citizens at best. Not to mention what typically would be done to said women if they were living in Palestine and talked back to a man. Haley said regarding President Abbas’ rudimentary comments:

He invoked an ugly and fictional past, reaching back to the 17th century to paint Israel as a colonialist project engineered by European powers“.

From Haley’s standing firm to Abbas, to President Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy back where it belongs in Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, Israel. General Erekat in way of response – accused the Trump administration of attempting to “overthrow” Palestine and it’s leaders. President Mahmoud Abbas and General Erekat said he “led the peace process and promoted the principle of the two-state solution.” It would be better if Haley justshut up”. Haley politely declined the advice. She made a statement:

We welcome you as the leader of the Palestinian people here today”. “But I will decline the advice I was recently given by your top negotiator, Saeb Erekat.” I will not shut up.”

Rather, I will respectfully speak some hard truths. The Palestinian leadership has a choice to make between two different paths. There is the path of absolutist demands, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence.” That path has led, and will continue to lead, to nothing but hardship for the Palestinian people.”

Or, there is the path of negotiation and compromise,” she continued. “History has shown that path to be successful for Egypt and Jordan, including the transfer of territory. That path remains open to the Palestinian leadership, if only it is courageous enough to take it.”

One thing is for certain with Nikki Haley being in the United Nations. She by no means is taking a back seat to anyone. She isn’t going to be a “pushover” to anyone, she means business. She did include that despite her aggressive verbatim that for all intents and purposes the United States is of course on the side of peace. “I sit here today offering the outstretched hand of the United States to the Palestinian people in the cause of peace.”

We all know the problems that have been going on between Israel and Palestine for quite a long time now. The Democrats were pushing the “two state solution”. I think anyone with common sense and understands what tragedies have occurred mostly on the Gaza strip on the West bank.

The only secular state that hasn’t gone “off the deep end” is Turkey. But statistically speaking, countries like that tend to have many problems with violence, bombings, killings. I am proud to finally have a UN Ambassador and a POTUS that are standing up to it. We need to preserve at all costs our Judeo-Christian values that make the West so grand.


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