“San Francisco is becoming a sh**hole”


San Francisco, California – A city with a lot of history, a lot of great areas to go as a tourist. It may have some of the biggest tech companies in the country there. You wouldn’t recognize it if you went there nowadays. Oh and it’s also in Nancy Pelosi’s neck of the woods.

California in large has well over 100,000 homeless people. In San Francisco it seems it has been increasing rapidly with more: homeless, litter, drugs, fecal matter and syringes. All across the far-left leaning city and state. Right near the Spotify company, Uber, among other giant companies. Litter, feces, and many homeless people and their “structures” along the streets. Along with a huge epidemic drug problem that Pelosi among others are doing nothing about. Ergo the massive amount of syringes flooding the streets.

A survey result led by a University of California infectious disease expert compared downtown San Francisco to slums in developing, third world countries. The littered needles could potentially cause HIV and Hepatitis B/C, with that the dried fecal matter can cause dangerous viruses to also infect the bay area.

Earlier in 2016, the FBI had reported about San Francisco how they have the highest rate of property crime in the country. As recent as two months ago, it had been reported that San Francisco was at, or near the top of national surveys. Regarding homelessness that was being monitored that is.

Of course liberal media that has any relevance to California, in respects to vacationing or marketing. They continue to try to get any semblance of a middle class to come back or even visit and spend much-needed money by referring to “The Bay city making top lists” about which cities are best. Or what cities are rated the most beautiful. San Francisco always seems to keep getting on there somehow.

It doesn’t deserve to be. As recent as January, there have been liberal articles regarding the “beauty of San Francisco“. And don’t get me wrong, there is a lot about it that is, and could be. But nothing about how there are homeless, including illegal aliens pooping on the side of the streets outside the UBER building! Syringes from an increasing drug epidemic. Dirty needles all along sidewalks.

The homeless issue has been going on for a good decade. A Mayor Newsome had made a bunch of empty promises to clean up the situation of the homeless taking up the public streets. Affecting small business and alike. The “sanctuary status of the city and the state of California certainly isn’t helping the problem either. Among many other of California’s increasing problems.

Hopefully, representatives like Maxine Waters [who happens to also be an anti-Semite] will get beaten and lose her seat. Along with Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff [ who should be indicted in my opinion ] and last but certainly not least Nancy Pelosi. Let’s get together and vote them out in November. We’ll take a step in the right direction for once for California and alike to help President Trump and Congress to continue progressing in making this country even greater.


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