“MSM & Left exploiting kids to push agenda”

Children protesting POTUS and Congress about gun control.

So once again we come back to the shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida killing 17. All of these students had organized for a school walkout and also a demonstration of lying down silent for 3 minutes to reflect the time it had taken for those unfortunate innocence at the school to perish. They have been all over MSM protesting POTUS Trump and Congress about how “Now is the time for gun control“. Students originating in Parkland and going nationwide participated in this protest.

Really now is the time to talk about it? What solutions do you have other than affecting my Constitutional rights?  Mainstream Media isn’t helping the case by adding that we should “lower the voting age to 16”, as well as “listen to the children” as if a 15-16 year old knows better. I wasn’t “dumb” when I was a teenager.

But I was still coming into my own, thought I was invincible, very liberal, and thought I knew everything. But as we grow older and wiser with life experience, we realize how much we truly didn’t know. Remember the old saying, “respect your elders“? There’s a reason for that. They typically know more.

So watch any news source, look at social media. Everyone is talking about “the children, the children“. Whether its people logically stating how children ‘shouldn’t be attacked verbally’ but at he same time we shouldn’t start taking their advice on the way our country runs and its legislation.

Some are simply attacking the kids because of reasons like the young man named David Hogg, whose father formerly worked with the FBI. The fact that a parent [Clare Schexnyder] of one of the students that organized the protest was a CNN producer for over 20 years. Having a relationship to the Women’s March as well. That of course combined are making people suspicious. Pushing rumors of MSM propaganda, or other types of tin-foil-hat conspiracies.

Then of course the Left, saying ”we should be listening to kids, ‘taking their advice‘. “They know what’s best, we should follow their example.” Liberal MSM propping them up on camera and pushing their anti-gun agenda. It’s pathetic frankly. Worst part is MSM like CNN don’t even try to mask their partisan bias anymore. I bet kids would think a little different if they were wise to the fact 9 kids die per diem by use of cell phone while driving. Yes, let us take examples of a generation that eat tide pods in their safe spaces.

Don’t get me wrong. The kids absolutely have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression. But let’s remember they are reacting from a very emotional situation with a very emotional response which is understandable. But remember when one is emotional, it is virtually impossible to use reason. And these kids’ virtue signaling is certainly an emotional response.

Not a well-informed, data backed argument with logical solutions. Just like how we have our freedom of speech to respond back and say we’re not taking the words of 15 year olds as to dictating legislation. They want to talk about gun control laws. I want to put armed, trained security at every school to protect our students. Which do you think would actually prevent a possible shooting?


We also had a protest from students in the D.C. area outside the White House. Lying on the lawn outside the WH to demonstrate the 17 that were killed in the Florida shooting. Protesting against President Trump of course. Did they forget Congress is the legislative branch? In fairness there have been statements about Congress acting as well. But the biggest point to consider is, would it change anything? Unfortunately it will not. Ridding of AR15’s will not change anything. You are 16x more likely to be killed by a knife than a rifle. Let alone an AR15.

A high school student Miss Nuechterlein said, “”Both political parties should come together and change something because at the end of the day there are kids in school that are worried about their safety and that’s not okay“. “I would like to see background checks on all guns“. We already have background checks for all guns. Case and point.

These kids and other activists conveniently blame the NRA when the NRA literally has nothing to do with it. Or any shooting for that matter. Just like it is not the fault of the POTUS or Congress either. If anything, blame the FBI, the school, local law enforcement and the kid that pulled the trigger himself.

The whole point of this is to ask yourselves, will it actually change anything? Will this actually prevent a future shooting? The answer is no. But we can put armed guards [I suggest veterans then at least you’re creating jobs too] in schools instead of a sign reading “Gun Free Zone”. Might as well say, “come on in! We can’t do a thing to stop you“. Again don’t attack the kids simply because they are young. But certainly call out the nonsensical things that have been said whether it’s by these kids or the geniuses in MSM.


3 thoughts on ““MSM & Left exploiting kids to push agenda”

  1. MillennialMerit

    The FBI is truly the most guilty party in my opinion. They were tipped off about the shooter before all of this happened. They had access to his disturbing social media accounts and could’ve easily contacted his school to learn about all the incidents he’d had in the past.


      1. MillennialMerit

        In what world does the Federal Bureau Of Investigation not investigate this guy? Even the kids at the school joked he’d be a school shooter some day. He wrote that he aspired to be one.

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