“Fergie botches National Anthem-But all should still stand & why”

Fergie botches National Anthem at NBA All Star Game.

At Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas sang the National Anthem. I guess you could say. It was an awful version of the Anthem, and her singing was pretty darn bad. But, despite the laugh we still must respect the Anthem for what it represents and stand. No matter what.

Fergie addressed the failure on Monday after being consistently mocked on social media for her attempt at a jazzy, blues, and R&B combination version of ‘the ”Star-Spangled Banner”. She made her statement to TMZ:

I’ve always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA. I’m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn’t strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best

She did apologize for anyone that may have been disappointed with the performance, it’s not her first disappointment singing at events. But the point of the matter is, though she sang like most of us do in the shower [ maybe worse ] she obviously wasn’t trying to disrespect the Anthem or our Nation. Everyone had a laugh which is fine.

But at least this time it wasn’t a story about protesting the anthem or the flag. Or kneeling to show disdain for certain facets of America. Things that certain individuals that are simply misinformed protest like “police brutality against Blacks”. Does it happen? Yes. Is it systemic or racist? No.

The most common cause of death for a Black individual is being killed by another Black person. Their have been false narratives pushed like with Treyvon Martin, the Ferguson shooting with Michael Brown. These individuals committed crimes and resisted arrest. Among going after the officer’s weapon. No “hands up“, no “don’t shoot“.

Which really shows how much of a shame it is when athletes whom are idols to many kids. Of course they are free to express their views under our 1st Amendment, but to do so by disrespecting our Nation’s flag and Anthem. On the belief that Police intentionally and systemically go after Blacks unfairly. Simply not true. Blacks commit a much higher disproportionate amount of crime. Also worth noting; if a Black individual is shot by an Officer, is more likely to be a Black Police Officer.

But as to the Nation Anthem itself. We’ve had so many political debates in the last year or so thanks to the hypocritical Colin Kaepernick. Fergie simply botched it while performing. We will move on I’m sure. But at least this time we aren’t debating or discussing another disrespectful protest against it.

We can all use our 1st Amendment right to express how awful a performance it was. But all the same, it was our National Anthem. We as American Citizens must always show respect to it and stand the hell up. Don’t forget about the people who that flag represents and how they risk their lives for our freedoms every day.


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