“Stop trying to take our guns-Leftist myths debunked”

Since the Florida shooting, there has been a huge outcry from the left once again about gun control. From attacking the NRA, to attacking conservatives. From the “2nd amendment only being created by our Founding Fathers for muskets”, to conflating semi-automatic firearms with automatic firearms. I am going to debunk the Democrats, MSM and Leftists myths on guns and gun control.


“2nd Amendment was only intended for muskets”

No it was not only for the use of muskets. Do you honestly believe our founding fathers did not anticipate the advancement of technology? They were pretty intelligent men. Back dating to before the Constitution, we’ve had canons, automatic guns, handguns with 6-12 barrels, or rounds that could fire similar to an automatic pistol. In 1718, A gentleman by the name James Puckle created the original version of the gatling gun (gatling gun was made in mid 1800’s) called the Defence, or Puckle machine gun. It could hold 9 rounds, and could fire up to 65 rounds per every 7 minutes. The Constitution however, was written 70 years later in Philadelphia in September of 1787. The 2nd Amendment was added in 1791.


Gun free zones

Gun free zones have been statistically disproven to lessen gun deaths. Statistically, it is more likely to have a shooting in areas of stricter gun laws. I believe Pew Research can confirm this. Obviously if an evil person or disturbed person sees that an area is “gun free”, it’s like a big welcome sign knowing they won’t face retaliatory fire.

Which is why schools should have armed security, I suggest hiring former military. Or have Police Officers to protect the schools. Depending on the size and landscape of the school 2-5 armed, trained security guards would suffice. Then these school shootings won’t occur. At the very least, it will lessen the deaths drastically if someone was to attack a school. But again, I advocate to give these potential jobs to veterans. Too many come out of the military and can not or do not get decent jobs. Lastly, it is important to note that overall, United States Gun homicides have gone down steadily over the last 30 years.



“2nd Amendment was to protect us against other countries, not our own.”

Again, wrong. Enacted in It reads to form a militia, in the event any government becomes tyrannical causing the need to be able to protect ourselves as a people. Foreign or Domestic. It is not just my interpretation. The right to a Free State, it does not clarify only to foreign governments. If we were to all disarm, what would stop our government from turning the United States into a Police State aka Martial Law? Take a read:

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


The NRA should be blamed for these deaths, they keep the GOP from gun control laws being made.

The NRA was initially created in 1871 to help train and protect defenseless individuals on how to use firearms safely and properly. Per Politifact, The NRA was started to combat the KKK. So when I refer to defenseless individuals I think you can do the math. Important note, None of these shootings have been committed by an NRA member. And the same people throwing the blame around blame everyone and everything except the individual that committed the crime. Or the FBI that should have prevented this. Either way you can talk about the deaths being on the GOP or the NRA. But, those same people are OK with 880 babies being murdered daily. Hypocrites.

Important note: They claim 18 mass shootings have occurred so far in 2018, it’s only been 3 where people were actually killed.

So Leftists, remember this when you decide to start calling the NRA or NRA members “Nazi’s” or murderers again.


“AR-15’s are not necessary for civilians, only Military or Law Enforcement” – Conflation of automatic and semiautomatic.

Wrong, AR-15’s are not the same as a militarized rifle. Compare them and see. There are reasons for civilians to own an AR-15. Simply, our God-given right to go to a shooting range and enjoy it. Maybe not the most ideal for hunting, but if you are a woman, especially a smaller petite woman or even a smaller man would benefit from owning an AR-15 for home defense. It has less of a “kick”, or recoil making it easier to fire. They are NOT automatic assault rifles. They are semi-automatic. Semi-automatic no different from a revolver, or Glock handgun. One pull of the trigger, and one round fires.

Automatic firearms have been outlawed since the year I was born, 1986. So when idiots like Don Lemon of CNN claim “their AR-15 can do that” meaning fire like an automatic, he is simply wrong. The left and MSM have been conflating automatic and semi-automatic for a long time now. Some do it intentionally to push their false narrative to folks that don’t know any better( which unfortunately is a large amount of people ). Others like Don Lemon I believe sincerely do not know what they are talking about. You can not purchase an automatic weapon with a gun permit.


What about gun show loopholes?\

Now, even I am willing to admit, the one in a million chance that an individual may be desperate and give cash to a dealer at a gun show that may break the law and sell the weapon. Nothing in this world is all. However, I have personally attempted for the matter of study as I have also seen many others doing the same. Trying to purchase firearms illegally from “gun shows”. They will not risk that very expensive gun vending license, or a prison sentence to make a quick sale. Think about it.


Conclusion: I hope this article going over the facts enlightens many. Again, feel free to fact check me. I assure you if you do so with an open mind and be objective. You will see that the gun control debate is not one we should continue to bring up every time there is a shooting. It is remarkably disgraceful how the Left, and MSM stand over the bodies of dead children to attack everyone but the guilty party to push their political agenda. 

Consider this. We’ve had multiple killings via bombs made with items found in households & kitchens. We’ve had radicals mow down innocent people with automobiles here and in Europe. Are we going to ban automobiles and kitchen-wear? Nobody is taking our Constitutional Rights or our guns away. If they were to try, good luck.


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