“Motorcade Driver for POTUS-firearm found”


A driver of President Trump’s motorcade was found with a firearm in his possession on Monday morning. As it has been reported to this point per the Secret Service, the man was detained briefly before security located the gun in his baggage.

The gun was discovered during a security screening of the vehicle in a parking area across the way from Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s  private club in Palm Beach, Florida.  This man, who has yet to be identified told the authorities he forgot to leave the firearm in his personal vehicle before entering the van that was to be part of President Trump’s motorcade- per The Hill

The driver was supposedly attending to operate a press van. The Secret Service stated the individual was a sub-contracted driver. While he was detained the background check determined that he owns the gun legally.

The incident was investigated by the Secret Service and our partners at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and resolved,” the agency said in a statement. “At no time was any Secret Service protectee in danger or impacted. All Secret Service security measures worked.”

So there has been a lot of buzz about this on social media as I’m sure you can imagine. This happening days after the Parkland, Florida shooting. Was it a mistake by this man? Did he forget he had it? A little scary I must admit. But we will hopefully get more information about this soon. All of the drivers from that group had been replaced for security purposes per the White House.

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