“Break Bread Panther-Petitioning for 25% of Black Panther Profits”


So of course, more ridiculousness regarding the movie “Black Panther”. A lot of controversy as well. However this group of Change.org – “Break Bread Marvel” is petitioning for the Black Community to get 25% of Marvel’s profits from the film. It has received over 6,000 signatures already. Creator of the petition, Chaz Gormley wrote:

Through a clever, well-manufactured marketing campaign Marvel Studios and their parent company The Walt Disney Company have targeted the Black community with their advertisements for the upcoming Black Panther film, due to release on February 16, 2018. As marginalized groups have become more vocal, corporations and their savvy public relations departments have turned to catering to these groups – to turn a profit – and this film by Marvel Studios is no different.”

Here’s a thought gang, how about you don’t spend a bunch of money on movie tickets and then demand money back from a movie made by an owned company Marvel, owned by Disney. Also the fact the rights to the character are the same two Jewish men that created the character “Black Panther”, or originally “The Coal Tiger”. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Last but not least, who the hell do you think you are to demand a quarter of the profits from a project film you had nothing to do with?! “Wakanda” may “take place” in Africa. But it is fictional. The rights go to Disney and Marvel, the profits go to them. They as a company have the right to do with that profit as they please.

The film is expected to break many box office numbers. Black Panther’s Projected US opening is projected to hit $400 million. The film has already broken all ticket pre-sale records, with projected earning of $150 million over the opening weekend.

Chaz Gormley said “Marvel was capitalizing off of the Black community during Black History Month“. Maybe Marvel did it intentionally to honor Black History Month. Ever think of that Chaz? He also stated:

You have the ability to not only be entertained but to leave the theater in February knowing that a portion of your money will be coming back into your community

So by that logic, every time I go see a movie and spend $20 on a movie ticket. I get to demand $5 back from the makers of the film if they happen to utilize my heritage in some way? I’m Irish and Spanish. So “The Foreigner”, starring Jackie Chan took place in Ireland. A story having to do with the IRA, the Irish Republican Army. Am I entitled to a quarter of the profits from that film? No, of course not.

There has even been conflict within the Black community about Black Panther the movie. Most seem to think it is the best thing ever for Blacks in America. Even more so than the abolishment of slavery. The ridding of Jim Crow, or the Civil rights Act and patriots like MLK Jr. MSM referring to it as “Prideful, hopeful” for Black community.

While many hate it and see it as the “White man secretly shaming the Black man, ” somehow by showing a greedy “Wakandan people” hoarding their resources and not sharing with the rest of Africa. How it’s “secretly racist” because of how the character was created by two Jewish men and they are putting “subtle racist plots within the story”. The fact that in the comic and the film, Black Panther requires all females as his personal body guards. Or the comic book because of the original name of the character “Coal Tiger” that secretly expresses their racism somehow. It’s all silly.

Either way, this movie seems to be doing more bad than it is good. Creating yet another social divide. Which is sad, it’s a movie. In the end, we should all be able to just watch and enjoy it. Keep the politics out. That includes you too Marvel [ And Disney ].


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