“Lindsey Vonn won’t represent POTUS-Declines WH visit”

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn, Olympic skier representing the United States in this year’s Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Vonn is a phenomenal downhill skier as she is a gold medal winning Olympian. Vonn, who won her gold medal in the women’s downhill competition in 2010 in Vancouver, skipped the 2014 Sochi games because of a knee injury.

But after being interviewed about her and the upcoming Winter Games, she stirred the “Political pot”. She said she would be representing the United States and Americans. But not the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

That of course drew a huge backlash as she has been getting “beat up” on social media. I will admit, a lot of the messages and tweets she received were nasty. However the people who were simply stating that she should not politicize the Olympics by making such a disrespectful statement. As well as Vonn’s refusing a WH invitation if she’s offered one.

Listen, it is OK for an individual to not be a fan of the person sitting in office as POTUS. But, in my opinion everyone that lives here as a citizen should put their personal politics aside in these situations. This is all about pride of country. The White House, and certainly our President are deserving of the same respect as all Americans if not more. It is symbolic of our country and  what it represents. The best, most free nation in the world.

Vonn ended up not winning the gold. She skied well however, and represented the United States overall pretty well in the Olympics. For the exception of face-planting after she wiped out. She did respond to the backlash she received on social media. Vonn tweeted:

it is hurtful to read comments where people are hoping I break my neck or that God is punishing me for being anti-Trump.”

Not everyone has to like me but my family loves me and I sleep well at night. I work hard and try to be the best person I can be. If they don’t like me, their loss I guess… Thank you for the support.”

To be fair to Vonn, during that interview she was somewhat led into that response. However, all the same she could have said instead, “Well I’ll just say I am here representing the United States, its flag and its people.” How hard is that? Regarding the WH visit. Just say something such as “It would be very nice to be invited.”

Point being there are responses Vonn could have provided that would have been sufficient. And wouldn’t have stirred up any politicization. She contributed to it with choosing to share her despise for our Nation’s President. So though she was led a bit, she is intelligent enough to dance around that question to stay off politics. Keep it on the subject of the Winter Games.

It’s good she isn’t letting the social media attacks bother her. Nobody should get swept up that much to where social media affects your real life. Unfortunately, it does for a lot of people. I could only hope Vonn along with other iconic athletes and persons, when representing our country, our nation and our flag. They need to do the right thing and show respect to a White House and a President, even if he wasn’t “your choice“.

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