“What’ with the new “social norms?”

A man, who happens to have “transitioned” in to a woman believe it or not, breast-fed a child. This trans-woman had adopted an infant child. This 30-year-old has been taking multiple supplements and even a drug that is banned in the United States.

This trans-woman is the first to “breast feed”. I just threw up a little. This was made possible with the supplements and the illegal drug Domperidone. Provided by Dr. Tamar Reisman. This trans gender woman who had been receiving feminizing hormone therapy for the past 6 years presented to our clinic with the goal of being able to breastfeed her adopted infant.

After implementing a regimen of domperidone, estradiol, progesterone, and breast pumping, she was able to achieve sufficient breast milk volume to be the sole source of nourishment for her child for 6 weeks. In essence, enough to feed the adopted baby for the first 6 months with combinations of the milk and baby formula. But what about possible effects to the baby? There is a reason domperidone is illegal.

It has caused a stir with the trans community as well as feminists as I’m sure you can imagine. These useful idiots celebrating this as if it is beneficial to mankind, excuse me “people kind.” Is anyone considering that baby’s health? And the fact the feminists should be offended if anything. That’s their personal super power as a woman. Being able to produce another human being from her body. That’s miraculous in itself. These dudes transforming into “women” in my opinion and many others takes away from the special relationship that is mother and child.

The baby in this story is my largest concern. What could that drug do considering the fact it obviously will pass through the created breast milk. Lord knows what a supplemented lactating she male is ultimately feeding the child. Hopefully the drug won’t cause any negative or detrimental effects.

“This is a very big deal,” Dr. Joshua Safer of Boston Medical Center, who was not involved with the case, sourced by New Scientist. “Many transgender women are looking to have as many of the experiences of non-transgender women as they can, so I can see this will be extremely popular.” It’s going to be popular all right. But, will it be a good thing or bad. Temporarily slow their 40% suicide rate. Or diminish it. Maybe increase it. I don’t know which direction it will take society with these new “gender norms” being forced upon us like a girl is on prom night.

We should not champion a mental illness. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it as many times as I need to. Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness. There is a reason the rest of the population’s suicide rate is under 3%. Transgenders’ suicide rate is upwards of 40%.

I am not “hating” on the trans community. I am simply saying you should not be encouraging these actions. Pushing the line of “normal” as it were. It can make this world into a scary place. I don’t dislike these individuals. I wish them the best with their situation. But we should not push an agenda to assuage the mentally ill.

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