“Florida shooting kills 17 – Left again pushes “anti-gun” agenda”


On Wednesday February 14th, another tragic shooting occurred in Florida. Nikolas Cruz, 19 years of age killed 17 people. Leaving about a dozen or more hospitalized from his former school in Parkland, Florida. He was expelled from that school per his history of “incidents”. Police captured Cruz over an hour after the shooting in Coral Springs, located about a mile away. He was later taken to a local hospital and  released into police custody.

Threats of violence could be found all over his social media dating back to last year. Authorities on 39 separate occasions were called to his residence because of his past acts. Authorities certainly had him on record, they should have been closely monitoring him. Specifically given that on YouTube back in September 2017 he was saying, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter“.

Rumor is, the FBI was aware of him months prior, yet did nothing. They claim they were unable to “identify” him from that YouTube post. I don’t believe that for one second. There were plenty of warning signs as I’ve mentioned. Whether it be his guardians, school, Police, FBI, or his school mates. No one had ever spoken a word. But the fact that the FBI knew in advance is making me wonder, How is the FBI missing these disturbed people?

Remember Omar Mateen? FBI interviewed him from a tip given as a warning to authorities from his Imam at Mateen’s former Mosque. The FBI let Mateen go stating, ” I don’t think he’ll go postal or anything“. Shortly after “in the name of the Islamic State and Abu Al-Baghdadi”, Mateen shot fifty or so people at a Orlando Florida night club. The Feds were also aware of the brothers from the Boston Bombing, and did nothing. This makes me wonder how the FBI is seemingly incapable of preventing even one of these incidents from being carried out.

Now I know the FBI can’t watch everyone all the time. Nothing is “all“. But it makes you wonder. If they were so busy chasing the fairy tale that is the “Trump-Russia Collusion” investigation, and covering their own asses. Maybe they would’ve been able to act and potentially prevent some of these tragic incidents. One thing is for sure, we need a Police Officer or a trained, armed security guard for every school.

Now for the politics! As we all know the Left jumps at every opportunity to politicize a shooting. Crawling out the darkness like a bad horror film to jump on the “anti-gun” band wagon. All the while like a 8-year-old boy scout leading SEAL team six, they know absolutely nothing of what they talk about regarding guns, gun laws, and pushing for gun control.

Blaming the NRA, who has absolutely nothing to do with any of these shootings. None of the shooters have ever been NRA members. The NRA also does not “control” the GOP as the Left would have you believe. If they knew their history, they’d know the NRA years ago when founded actually offered and provided training to help protect the innocent and to combat the KKK.

Fake Jimmy Kimmel once again just like others on the Left as per usual. They’re blaming Republicans and POTUS Trump for the shooting. Demanding “he do something” about this to stop mass shootings. I’ll make it simple, Cruz should have never been able to purchase a firearm no different from the 26-year-old that shot people at the church in Texas last year. The laws already on the books if enforced properly, would have likely prevented both of those incidents.

Why not blame the individual that decided to take his rifle and go shoot a bunch of innocent children? It’s called individual or personal accountability. Funny, when it turns out to be a Radical Muslim, or an illegal alien committing murder, the Left remains absolutely silent. Remember Kate Steinle? Shot by an illegal alien, and wasn’t even convicted because jurors weren’t given all of the evidence[thanks California]. I never heard a peep from Kimmel or anyone else on the Left during that tragedy. Suppose it doesn’t fit their narrative. Ergo, they do not care.

It shows you where their priorities are. It is understandable from what a parent who just lost her child would say the things she did. And how she said it, on CNN. But, it’s purely based on emotion which always takes away from reason. Of course you can’t fault her for that. But that is an example of CNN literally using this parent who just lost her child and exploit her for their own agenda. CNN disgusts me. There were also reports from Associated-Press that said, BREAKING: ” Cruz had confirmed ties to White Extremist groups“. I have yet to hear a retraction as it turns out that is simply not true.

Mainstream Media along with the Left continue to talk about the “need” for more gun control, and continually push their anti-gun propaganda. What the MSM isn’t mentioning, is the 18 reported school shootings in 2018 being an “obvious reason” for taking our guns away. Well, obviously that sounds awful. But, fortunately there were really only 3 or 4 actual shootings where someone was shot.

Conclusion: The majority of school related shootings to this point in 2018 involve accidental stray bullets hitting a school building, to a few unfortunate suicide cases where a single student had taken their own lives. Not mass shootings like Wednesday in Florida. Also, areas with stricter gun laws actually have a higher gun crime rate. But you won’t hear that from liberal MSM, because it wouldn’t help to push their narrative.

The Founding Fathers made the right to bear arms the 2nd Amendment, right behind Free speech for a reason. It states, “Shall Not Be Infringed” for a reason. No the 2nd Amendment was not “only intended for muskets“. The Left would like for you to believe that. But the truth of the matter is, we’ve had automatic firearms dating back to 1718. It is important, necessary even for the American people to have this right in the case of an invasion. Or worse, a tyrannical government. All I will say now is, if by some freak accident the Democrats are successful in the future in taking our guns away. They are going to start another Civil War. Good luck trying to take guns back from millions of Americans, you’ll need it.



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