“Out The White House, Back to Reality-TV”

Omarosa Manigault Newman

Omarosa M. Newman, former reality TV star, to WH aide, now back in reality TV. She let out some alleged bombshells claiming how ” you all think Trump’s bad, Mike Pence is crazy. He thinks God tells him to do things. “You would all be wishing you had Trump if Pence was POTUS.” I find it interesting anytime Omarosa calls anyone “crazy”. She certainly has a  lot of that.

She was “forced to resign” from her position at the WH, in which she had for almost a year. She says she quit, WH says she was let go. We aren’t too sure what happened. But let’s be honest. She didn’t really do anything. She was good to hire maybe to help speak to bring in votes earlier on. But other than that it was certainly a mistake by Trump bringing her in the WH and giving her an office no less.

Another interesting thing came out about Omarosa. Piers Morgan was a guest on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on FOX. He explained how Omarosa was offering to have a “showmance” aka have sex with one another as colleagues together on “The Apprentice“. Claiming allegedly to Piers Morgan that “they could have sex together and make a ton of money” Piers claims he responded basically saying “hell no are you crazy woman?” Piers claimed she verbally attacked him constantly on the set of the show. Referring to him as a “homo” for not taking her “showmance” offer.

So she is back on realty TV. Recently talked about Mike Pence being crazy and “he thinks he talks to Jesus“. Who is she to criticize a fellow Christians’ belief in God? Who is she to judge how an individual especially our VP has their own, personal relationship with God? It was wrong of her to do. It was also wrong of the hacks on “The View” like Whoopi and Joy Behar in particular. Insinuating the VP is crazy for his relationship with God. How can Joy Behar of all people call anyone crazy? She’s nuttier than a squirrel’s….

Omarosa had the nerve to criticize POTUS Trump at the same time saying, “ I wouldn’t vote for him again, never” she said. “ It’s bad, it’s so so bad.” Omarosa is a crazy, yet clever, disruptive, cut throat individual. She will surely cause MSM & Hollywood Elites to go wild with their imagination and create plenty of rumors about Donald Trump. I am confident to say President Trump wishes he never let that woman into the White House in the first place.

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