“Black Panther”-May I watch?”


I want to make sure it’s “OK” for me to see the movie. You know, since I’m a white man. We all know that since the “Black Panther” movie has been released, it has received great reviews. But some of course are making it political by making it “racial”. Saying things like, “See what Africa could be if not for the interference of Europeans“. It’s a bit much considering it is a fictional movie.

The setting takes place in the fictional city or state of “Wakanda”  within Africa [in the movie]. The character of Black Panther was created by two Jewish men, one being Stan Lee. The main character [Chadwick Boseman] plays the King of “Wakanda” AKA Black Panther. He certainly has done a great job fulfilling that role. There are other fantastic actors in this movie both male and female leads. I enjoyed him [Boseman] thoroughly in the Marvel “Civil War” movie. He, among the other actors in the movie are not the issue.

It is the people clamoring about race whether Black or White. People have literally asked for “permission” to attend the movie because they’re white. Supposedly in order to not offend the Black community.

Could someone really hate themselves so much just because they are white? Concerned to where they don’t want to “take away from the Black joy” of seeing the movie. Which is obviously one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. What is “Black joy” anyway? Is it different from “White joy“? I thought joy, was simply joy. I didn’t realize someone’s “joy” had anything to do with your melatonin level.

People on the left especially, as most Black Americans are unfortunately Democrats are looking too much into this movie. Acting like this has done more for the Black population than say – The abolishment of slavery, the Civil Rights Act, Martin Luther King Jr., The dismantling of Jim Crow laws. Nope, a fictional movie about a fictional character about a fictional African Utopia. Full of rich metals and powered with a futuristic technology. Unfortunately, it’s not real. And has no relevance to true life.

It’s sad White people truly guilt trip themselves into believing they have “white privilege”. There is no such thing. Even sadder, the Black community seemingly wants to go back to days of segregation. Black college students demanding their own building, BLM members having “no whites allowed” meetings or gatherings. Claiming they can essentially be racist, “without being racist”.

Apparently it’s ok to say hateful things and judge White people simply based on the color of their skin. That is only the definition of racism. Such hypocrisy. MLK Jr. would be disappointed. “Judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

White people with this nonsensical “white guilt” actually feeling as if they can’t go see a movie that has a majority of Black actors. “How dare that white person come to see a Black Panther movie.” Nope, I don’t think so. You think White people go watch “Captain America” and think, “I can’t believe that Black person is here to watch Captain America.” Of course not, think about it. We need to stop with the ridiculous identity politics. The ones who push this narrative are only helping create a divide in this country that’s increasing more each day that goes by.




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