“College-Can it be a waste?”

Universities are draining families financially, and students can’t get a decent salary.

Universities forever have been institutions for providing a higher education. But as of late, I honestly find myself feeling sad for many of these students. Marxist professors brainwashing our kids. Parents letting their kids study useless majors that will not help them in obtaining a good job. That $150k is not for Universities and their professors to turn our kids into “PC” Marxists. It’s for you to prepare them for their future.

Parents work hard to save so their children can get a better education. Therefore a better life. Paying tens, if not hundreds of thousands to pay for it. Even then most of the time student loans are needed, You would expect the kids to come out of college more prepared for the “real world”. Ready with that piece of paper that you assume is going to ascend you beyond the rest into a grand career and oodles of money. Many would like for you to believe that’s the case.

I have issues with Universities across the nation. From the money spent on the education strapping the family or the student financially once they’ve graduated. To the brainwashing committed by the professors and institutions. I will be focusing on the financial end of this topic.

Financially speaking, you can easily argue that “it’s not worth it”. Being in debt up to your eyeballs after college, to start at an entry-level position. At best, making maybe a few thousand dollars more a year than their non-college-going counterparts. A large percentage of college graduates are moving back home with their parents after, because they either can’t find work, feel they’re deserving of more, or regardless of the job – dealing with a $100k debt from student loans being too much for them to handle on their own.

Don’t misinterpret, I am of course for higher learning, higher education. Obviously there are certain fields that call for higher education. Understandably, college will be a necessary act in pursuing certain careers. For example, those who want to become certified doctors in the United States must study at an American Medical Association approved university.


But what I am not a fan of is the ridiculous cost of it. Spending that money for a major in philosophy, or “music therapy”. Great to educate yourself on anything I suppose. But what job does one expect to get with a useless degree? Unless you minored in something like Business Management, or Accounting. You might as well just give all of that money away to a charity, save it to buy a house, or go to a trade school.

( 4 ) good reasons to consider another path other than attending University:

Cost  – Instead of paying an average of $150-200k or more for a college degree, invest that $100k earning likely 1.5-5% APY. Making approximately $5k or more in interest, that could turn into an additional $500,000 by the time you reach retirement. All the while earning about the same as you would had you gone to college.

Knowledge – I have told many, that I personally feel I’ve learned more overall in a variety of subjects than I did in college. Though I went to school for Business Management. I learned plenty, and I am damn good at what I do. However, now being able to get any information you need in that device that’s conveniently in your palm at all times makes it easy to “educate yourself” on any given topic in a matter of moments. Of course can’t forget to mention the internet and yes, still reading books. Not to mention like myself [ yes anecdotal ]. Working while in high school can really prepare a kid for their future. It is an experience that classrooms just can not match in my opinion.

Partying – Obviously we’ve all experienced college parties at one point in our lives. But do we really want to pay $100-$200k for a degree when your kid is getting wasted and stoned all the time. To where all they want to do is party, kill brain cells, with that doing just enough to pass.

Alternatives – Go to a trade school or Vo-Tech as its referred to. You can spend a lot less money and still get the exact training and education needed to get a good job that pays well. A good trade such as carpentry, auto technicians, Drivers all make respectable incomes.

So, again to be clear. Certain careers require a college education. But in general, it is certainly not an “absolute must” any longer. I will be doing another piece on the reasons not to send your children to University. But it will be focused on the politicization of Marxist professors brainwashing our students. Turning them into Anti-Americans who believe false narratives. Only to their detriment as it is making our future generations soft as baby poo.

They’ll without a doubt have social issues when interviewing for a job. Or if they are somehow hired, social issues on the job. Let’s stop with the extremist Political Correctness, the “micro-aggressions”, and being “triggered”. All simply because someone holds a different opinion than yourself. Grow the hell up.




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