“Obama portrait- And Kehinde Wiley’s past work”


The Obama’s have been in the news over the past day per these painting above by Kehinde Wiley. She is the first African-American to paint an official Presidential Portrait. Michelle Obama’s was done by Amy Sherald. Both paintings have had the media full of opinions. Rightly so, as Michelle’s looks nothing like her. But the more interesting fact is the painter that did Barack’s painting – Kehinde Wiley.

It’s nice and all having the first African-American to do a Presidential portrait. But I find it interesting how Wiley’s work has a history of using particular times in history. Depicting the Biblical story of Judith beheading the Assyrian general Holofernes, began trending online on Monday. Because in Wiley’s version, Judith is depicted as a black woman and Holofernes as a white woman. 

Wiley has done these painting more than once as you can see if you look it up, I’ve seen a couple already [ one is above ]. The two paintings in particular were done in 2012. Reported by TheWrap –In keeping with Wiley’s long-going style of painting black subjects in poses based on classic imagery from Western art and iconography, Wiley depicted Judith as a powerful black woman. His reasons for keeping Holofernes white and changing the general into a woman, claiming the reasons are unclear’.

Unclear? To me it seems somewhat obvious why the women was depicted as a white women. Seems like he is not quite a “fan” of the Caucasian populous. Hey, to each their own, freedom of expression. I’m always going to fight for free speech and free expression.

But the paintings are disturbing to say the least. I also feel it shows a little something about Obama’s disdain for Western Civilization and values. Just read his book, “Dreams From My Father“. Could you imagine the backlash if Trump had someone paint his portrait. And that artist had a history of paintings showing Whites decapitating and holding the heads of Blacks? We’d never hear the end of it.


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