“White powder sent in envelope to Trump Jr.’s home”

Donald Trump Jr. and spouse Vanessa Trump


A white envelope was mailed to Donald Trump Jr.’s home. It was his wife Vanessa that had physically received it at the house. That goodness we found out per the Police it was Non-Hazardous. But Vanessa along with two friends had been sent to the hospital via ambulance this morning immediately after discovering the envelope.

Officials said it’s still unclear what the substance was which is very interesting. Again, it was deemed non-hazardous. But not being able to identify it is troubling to me. Allegedly, the Secret Service is investigating the matter and will not further comment at this time.

Donald Trump Jr. released a message through social media:

My wife and children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary situation.” 
“Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior,”

He’s certainly right about it being disgusting behavior. The left is relentless in attacking our POTUS Donald Trump, and his family. Our First Family people. Let this sink in. The left has been celebrating these things from political pundits to Hollywood Elites.

First, when Rep. Scalise was shot at a softball game by a crazy Bernie Sanders supporter. Many of them celebrated the recent train crash with GOP members aboard. Hollywood entitled clowns speaking to the intense storms hitting red states and how it was “mother nature showing her wrath” because they are Trump supporters.

The supposed lawmakers on the left protect illegal aliens that beat, rape, attack and murder innocent American citizens. Hollywood clowns speaking on the behalf of the illegals hypocritically since their big mansions with their private security and huge walls surrounding it all the while benefitting from the cheaper labor. The left champions disgusting people like Linda Sarsour, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Just recently, liberal MSM and late night comedy hosts were attacking Trump for “acting like a dictator”. Only to praise a dictator’s sister at the Winter Olympics. Whom herself [ Kim Yo Jong ] owns slaves. Ironic. It sickens me that someone would go that far to mail a white powdery substance to people par of our First Family. They have 5 children. It’s no wonder why the American people are so damn sick of the modern-day left.


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