“Hot hot hijabs-Macy’s debut”


Model Halima Aden – Macy’s release is Feb. 15th

Recently, Macy’s decided to spring a new clothing line just for Muslim women. It is of no surprise to me that feminists are considering this a “victory”. Now, I suppose I could understand from a business aspect from Macy’s side of things. If they have certain demographics, they could increase their profits. We do support capitalism, because it represents a free country and a free market. A free market is what allows people in Ghana to be employed. That is really the only “positive” I can consider.

So what is the cost? I’m going to mention why it is not wise to launch a clothing line specific to Islamic women. First off, I mentioned the free country-free market aspect which would be an argument to defend this Islamic clothing line by Macy’s. However, the long-term it could be detrimental to our western values. Feminists considering this a victory, and referring to it being a “platform to make all women feel confident on the inside and the outside”.

Sounds nice, too bad it represents an ideology that oppresses women throughout Islamic countries globally. Islam as I’ve mentioned before literally translates to “submission”. Between the Quran, and Sharia Law. I can’t believe my eyes and ears seeing these useful idiots cheer this without truly understanding what it represents. Islamists, especially radicals have been shouting about how the “Islamic State is going to blanket the world”. This is exactly what they want!

People like Linda Sarsour who advocates for female genital mutilation, Sharia Law, Anti – Semitism and is affiliated with HAMAS. Just a terrorist organization, no big deal. She is a Palestinian woman who consistently claims to be a “leader of women” and especially “Brown and Black” women, her “sisters”. This is the same woman who fat-shamed another Muslim woman at her work when said woman told her she had been sexually assaulted. This is the same woman who waged “Jihad” on our POTUS. And yes, Linda Sarsour had a hand in getting this fashion line going by getting a New York Fashion week to show the Islamic Women’s wear.

My fear is similar to the “Women’s March” when women and men put on a hijab. You beta-males need to wake up. If you did that in the Middle East you would be slaughtered. Only women wear the hijab, and they do not have the freedom of choice to do so. These modern-day-feminists that can’t seem to grasp the fact equality is already among us in the west. The fight has been long over. All they’re doing now is regressing.

They listen to people like Linda Sarsour, and I would not be shocked to see the hijab become a trend even with Non-Muslim women. I’ll say again ladies, you are wearing items that claim modesty. But they are nothing more than ways of submitting to your male counterpart. I thought feminists were against that? I thought you wanted to be equal?

Women are barely 2nd class citizens in Islamic countries. Sonia Ossorio, of the National Organization for Women was referring to Macy’s release of Islamic women’s clothing as “pretty spectacular”. All the while ignoring the obvious “elephant in the room” called Islam. The same Islam that stomps all over women’s rights and gender equality. Remind me, why would so-called feminists applaud this?




6 thoughts on ““Hot hot hijabs-Macy’s debut”

  1. mzepp

    I would have to disagree with some of this. There are some Islamic countries that are more westernized then others. Not all Muslims wear hijabs. It’s like the same as saying all Christians go to church every Sunday. If Macy’s wants to offer this then let them. The market will decide whether it’s a flop or not. I don’t see it hurting anyone even long term.

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    1. I understand where you’re coming from. But any Muslim country especially that enforces Sharia which is the majority do require women to be covered from head to toe or wear a hijab. Iranian women are protesting it which is great, and of course Jerusalem is westernized but to make it out as a large part of the Middle East doesn’t enforce this would be a bit naive in my opinion. Lastly Turkey is secular, and Christians are concerned about their lives on the daily… Overall it is a symbol of Oppression especially to women and should not be made into a social Norm in the West.


      1. mzepp

        But it’s not required in the U.S. Symbolism can is subjective and changes over time. For example: Some people view the confederate flag as a symbol of oppression while others see it as a symbol of their heritage. I just don’t see the big deal. It’s not like everyone is going to start walking around with hijabs because Marcy’s sells them. Most likely it won’t work out since there isnt a large enough demand for them. It’s a stupid business decision on their part to try to cater to such a small percentage of the population. It’s like selling sleeveless turtlenecks.

        The full face veil is another topic. I don’t think anyone should be allowed to cover their entire face for security purposes. I don’t think any jobs will allow you to cover your entire face at work and some countries have banned it completely.

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  2. William J

    Yes which is why I mentioned how it is beneficial giving jobs to people in Ghana where their hijabs for Macy’s are being made. As well as the benefits of a free market. Again, I agree with you that it’s really not that big of a deal. But it’s also at the same time as you’ve seen with the women’s March for example. Feminists in particular or just women that are naive to the facts of sharia law which is already going on in the United States look at Michigan for example. They don’t understand what it truly is and that it is very oppressive to women. There’s no debating that part, and as you also know the left continues to try and push the boundaries of gender and social norms. So what I am simply saying is even though it is really not that big of a deal, it could turn into a ” trendy thing” for a bunch of liberal women who really don’t have a full understanding of the ideology.
    For example, again with the women’s March last year and this year you saw women of all colors and Creeds along with men wearing hijabs. Do you know what would happen to them, if the men were to go to Middle Eastern countries such as Syria and wore a hijab? They wouldn’t be getting high fives for wearing something that’s representative of Islam, they would be killed.
    But I really appreciate you taking the time to converse with me on this topic. And we certainly found some common ground so that’s always a great thing. I also appreciate the taking the time to read my article! 👍


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