“Black Mamba”-“I would’ve protested”

Kobe Bryant former Lakers player says like Kaepernick, he would have protested Anthem.

Former NBA super star Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers otherwise known as the “Black Mamba” commented how if he was still in the NBA, he would have also protested the National Anthem like Colin Kaepernick does. Though Kaepernick is an uninformed hypocrite regarding his beliefs when it comes to police brutality. implying he believes he shouldn’t stand for the American flag because America is not for all people, meaning Blacks. And his disrespect for Law Enforcement because they are biased against and even killing innocent Black people.

Unfortunately the facts are this: Blacks commit a much higher percentage of crimes 50%, with a disproportionate population difference making up only 16% in the United States. When a Black person is shot by Police, it’s statistically higher to be by a Black Police Officer.

Anyway, with Kobe Bryant making this claim that he would be doing the same thing in disrespecting our country. By protesting the National Anthem it shows his hypocrisy and lack of intelligence too.

He had first said, “Yeah, I would have participated in [a protest], for sure,” Bryant told The Undefeated in a “Dear Black Athlete” special aired Sunday. “I’m sure I would have gotten some flak for it. That’s fine. I think that Colin’s message was a very simple one. It was police brutality needs to stop; we need to take a look at that.” He also criticized President Donald Trump shockingly per the “son’s of bitches” comment to the NFL individuals kneeling to protest our Nations’s Anthem. He followed with this statement:

From my experience in the locker room, it doesn’t seem like any of the players that I played with certainly would have had an issue with that,” I think we understand this is a free country. I think we have the right to peaceful protest.

And by the way, from my point of view, that’s what the flag represents as well. The ability to speak. The ability to voice your opinion. And everybody is entitled to that. So everybody getting up in arms about it, they’re certainly in their right to do that, as we’re certainly in our right to protest — peacefully at that.”

Funny hearing all of this fluff from a man who is pushing a false narrative first off. We covered this. But Kobe Bryant was charged for raping a young 19 year-old woman working for a hotel. She refused to testify so he was let off. But a separate suit was filed later and settled out of court back in 2003 though Bryant didn’t admit his guilt. I guess I am saying for a man that commits an act like that to try to push this ridiculous “moral standard” by criticizing our POTUS and now our National Anthem and country? He doesn’t even know what he is protesting. Just like the others they’re very misinformed by liberal MSM and can’t simply accept the facts.

The Black community is better off with increased Policing. Not less. Kobe do your research, the only thing you’re correct about is having the right to protest. You received that thanks to our people in uniform, our military. Including Police officers. You should remember they gave you that freedom to do so. Do you really even care about the subject? Seems to me like a cry for attention from a has been.




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