“CNN & Left champion NK Leader Kim Yo at Olympics ”

Kim Yo Jong to right of NK Leader [ brother ] Kim Jong Un

How far is the Left willing to go? Apparently all the way to North Korea. Yes, the same North Korea that arrested and held Otto Warmbier, who later died from abuse by their government after getting extradited back to the United States. Yes, same North Korea that is led by a young man [Kim Jong Un] who has killed his own executive officers and more importantly family members. Yes, the same North Korea [NK] that starves and enslaves its people. Yes, the same NK that has “Nazi-style” prison camps. Yes, the same NK that has forced abortions.

The Winter Olympics were held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. And Kim Yo Jong, sister of Dictator Kim Jong Un was in attendance as well as VP Pence. Kim Yo Jong is the Director of the Propoganda and Agitation Department. But wait until you hear what CNN had to say in the story released yesterday. CNN stated , ” Kim Yo Jong is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics“. Praising her for her for attending the games in South Korea. CNN – If “diplomatic dance” were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister would be favored to win gold.

Amazing, knowing that she [Kim Yong] herself owns slaves. They obviously know the awful things that she has been a part of along with her brother, “Rocket-man”. The abuse by the NK regime that ultimately caused the death of Otto Warmbier. The nuclear threats to the United States. The Communist regime that enslaves its own people, and starves them to death.

To attack Trump every which way, including referring to him as a dictator, only to praise one days after. One day, Trump is a nasty, narcissistic dictator because he wants to have a military parade to honor our troops. Next day, CNN and other liberal media champion a young woman whom herself is part of a dictatorship. I thought the Left was all about morality? It’d be like applauding Eva Braun [Hitler’s spouse] from the 1936 Olympics. Apparently the Left either can’t make up their minds, or they’re completely off the reservation. I’ll take the latter.

Kim Yong was there for a “photo-op” to shake hands with South Korea’s President Moon. She had said, “I hope Pyongyang and Seoul get closer in our people’s hearts and move forward the future of prosperous unification“. Somehow I’m just not buying that. Sure, maybe if South Korea is willing to “submit” even more so than it already has out of nothing but straight fear. Others in SK had commented, basically stating they only felt “OK” about her attendance because “having a member of the Kim dynasty over here could serve as a safeguard, and they [NK] won’t attack“. It was the first time a member of the dynasty visited South Korea since 1953.

CNN reported how she was so accomplished and compared her to Ivanka Trump. Give me a break CNN. That commentary was ridiculous and sad when you take into account how they trash our POTUS and in this particular case our Vice President constantly. Twitter and other social media platforms have been booming about this attempt by the liberal media to “whitewash” the atrocities and treatment of their people by the North Korean Government.

It just goes to show you how far left ideologically people have become. Now championing Communist regimes. It’s one big joke to them. Between MSM and the Democrats pushing this sheer evil while influencing millions of people to look at North Korea with a higher respect than they do our own President. Don’t forget Warmbier is gone, tortured and killed. An American citizen. All he did in while in NK was be accused of stealing a poster.


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