“Liberal Churches-Politicizing God?”


Liberals are now attacking our Churches.

We know the Left has gone insane, but this is bringing it to another level. I witnessed a priest being interviewed by Tucker Carlson the other night. And the things he said to Tucker were nothing short of ridiculous. Scary even. So, Liberal Churches – Reverend Alex Dyer, of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church located in Washington D.C. It seems the liberal priest wants a “gender-neutral” God, and considers his Church a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens.

According to statistics and even Father Dyer it’s going on at many churches with left-leaning priests. Not sure why, but it’s dominantly in Episcopalian Churches. Dyer had said to that he plans to change, or as he put it “add” to the current  scripture, or “word of God.” That is quite dangerous in itself. Similar to how books are forcefully being re-written to be “PC” [ politically correct ]. It destroys the value, and the essence of the times the classics were written and it taught grand lessons about life. Sugar-coating everything for our future generations has only been to their detriment. Political Correctness is like a cancer. But to change scripture in the Bible is simply wrong.

Reverend Dyer spoke about wanting his Church and others to refer to God as a “gender-neutral” God. OK, first let’s start with how that is simply ridiculous. “Our Parent, thou Art in Heaven“. According to the most accurate bible, King James. Our God, our Lord Jesus Christ is a man.

And as to being accepting of trans-gendered people. Well, frankly I do not care so much about that. Whomever wants to attend church should be allowed to if they’re not harming or bothering anyone. But, no one else should be forced to acknowledge a man as a woman or a woman as a man if they don’t agree with it and can decipher the true sex of the individual. Let’s not champion gender-dysphoria.

  • Gender dysphoria – condition of feeling or believing one’s self physically or psychologically identifying as male or female in opposition to their biological sex


  • People suffering from gender dysphoria have a suicide rate of around 40%, the average population is under 3%.


  • Let’s remember, it’s Adam & Eve. Not Adam & Steve, Not Tammy & Eve


  • Obviously not favored among most Christians – Membership drops from 3.5 million to 1.7 million in recent years


We need to remember there is separation of Church and State for a reason. Politics should not be coming into play at Church, regardless of the ideology. It sounds nice and all having a “non-judgemental church”. But nobody is advocating for anyone to badger a church goer because they’re an obvious trans-gender. We in general as people are not blatantly cruel. But no one is going to force myself or anyone else to acknowledge something that simply isn’t. If you’re a man, you’re a man. If you’re a woman, you’re a woman, that’s called biology.

It’s no wonder there have been so many people who have stopped attending church. This Priest Dyer claims “this is what Jesus wants.” So, this Reverend is now a clairvoyant? I didn’t know he had super powers and could read God’s mind.

Lastly, making the church a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens isn’t helping their case either. This is obviously a politically charged ”movement”. Liberals have attacked everything from extra scoops of ice cream to statues to high heels.

Now, we have priests on the far-left, attacking our Judeo-Christian values right at the heart of it. Jesus is a man. He created Adam & Eve. Harboring illegal aliens and using God as your justification that “it’s the right thing to do”?

I’d love to believe that but the timing seems to convenient. Along with the other “taboo topics” of recent years also being mentioned such as a  “gender-neutral” God for example. It only makes it that much more obvious to me that this is just a political power move by the far-left being used for all the wrong reasons. Stop trying to politicize everything. Especially not in the house of God.




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