“Would’ve hated being a car in Philadelphia Sunday night”

Eagles first Championship since 1960.

I didn’t think I would be saying this anytime in the near future. The Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. Defeating the Patriots 41-33 in an epic match. Nick Foles was amazing, out playing Hall of Famer Tom Brady, and the Eagles offense picked apart the Pats’ defense.

In fairness, the Eagles played respectively on defense in the first half. But the third quarter they missed some big plays. Only to shut the Patriots down in the crucial 4th quarter, ending the game on a hail-mary incomplete pass by Brady.

Foles, Agholor, Blount, Ajayi, Clement, Ertz, and Alshon Jeffrey were the key offensive studs. QB Nick Foles went 28/43 for 373 yards,4 total touchdowns ( one reception TD ) and 1 INT. Though the interception was derived from Jeffrey’s one-armed attempt to reel in the ball causing it to pop up. Could argue there should have been an interference call. LeGarrette Blount the leading rusher with 90 yards on 14 carries, Jay Ajayi with 57 yards on 9 carries. Alshon Jeffrey definitely had the “big catches”, but Clement the running back led in receiving with 100 yards and a TD, along with 8 yards rushing.

Jeffrey reeled in 73 yards on 3 great catches, while Nelson Agholor had 9 catches for 84 yards, Ertz 7 for 67 yards, respectively. The plays executed and drawn up by the coordinators and coach Doug Pederson were phenomenal. Especially the double-reverse where ultimately Trey Burton [ played QB in HS and College ] made a perfect pass to Foles who caught it for the score. Even better, the Pats attempted that play on their prior possession but Brady bobbled the ball and dropped it.

The Eagles were in control until the 3rd quarter. Then Brady did his “thing” and next thing you know the Patriots had taken the lead 33-32. But the Eagles didn’t lose momentum as they march right back for a touchdown to retake the lead 38-33. The biggest moment for the Eagles other than the hail mary at the very end, was Brandon Graham and rookie Barnett making the needed defensive play at the perfect time. Only a couple of minutes remained and Graham got to Brady. He stripped the ball lose and Barnett recovered it giving the ball back to Philadelphia.

They more or less “ate” the majority of the game clock that was left. Resulting in another field goal to put them ahead by 8 points. Leaving the Pats with mere seconds to try to score with no time-outs either. The defense did their job, shut down Brady and the receivers. With 2 seconds remaining after Brady’s spike, he threw a hail mary which almost didn’t happen due to more pressure and a near-sack by Brandon Graham yet again. Though it didn’t matter, it fell to the ground, and the Philadelphia Eagles won their “first” Super Bowl.            [ Eagles won championship in 1960, before it was called the Super Bowl ]

I am sure you can imagine if you haven’t already heard, the fans in Philly got a bit “wild” to say the least. That was unfortunate, Philly is better than that. Cars destroyed, businesses looted and destroyed. Not something that will change our “reputation” as fans any time soon. But at the same time, We have the best fan base in the world.

And of course, some underlying political stories regarding a couple of players declining President Trump’s WH invitation came out. I don’t care for that as I see it as very disrespectful, but I suppose to each their own politics aside. Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for POTUS Trump happens to be an Eagles fan. She said she would invite Veterans to take the places of players that do not attend. Which is a wonderful idea to honor our Vets.

I don’t believe in politicizing a sport that is meant to bring people together. The taking a knee during our National Anthem pissed me off. But, I am proud to say all year no one on the Eagles took a knee. Not to mention their praising God before, during, and after the big game which was refreshing and a beautiful thing to see.

The parade to celebrate the SB win is going to be on Broad Street in Philadelphia this upcoming Thursday. “Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to victory.” E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!



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