“Suspect in Colt’s players death is illegal-Deported twice”

Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37. Suspect in Jackson’s death

On the morning of Super bowl Sunday, Edwin Jackson – linebacker who played for the Indianapolis Colts was killed by a drunk driver. That driver, Manuel Orrego-Savala is a 37 year-old-man and is a citizen of Guatemala. He had also been deported before police say, twice. The UBER driver Jeff Monroe [54 years old] transporting Jackson was also killed. Per the Indiana State Police, Savala gave the police a fake name when arrested. The crash occurred on I-70 in Indianapolis. He was illegally living in the US, and the two deportations occurred in 2007 and 2009.

Savala was driving a truck and Police reports state there is strong evidence he was intoxicated and of course driving without a license. Orrego-Savala has not been charged yet, but remains in the Marion County Jail as the investigation into this accident continues. Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will be working with the Indiana State Police on “potential criminal charges” in the case, spokeswoman Peg McLeish said.

Potential? Should be pretty damn cut-and-dry if you ask me. Savala shouldn’t have been here in the first place. How many times are we going to say this before the Democrats get their asses to the table to get the immigration bill passed with the GOP in Congress?

The NFL’s Indianapolis Colts members commented on the tragic loss, ” He was very respected and will be greatly missed”. Edwin Jackson was killed at the early age of 26. Like I’ve said before, these “things” can and do unfortunately happen. But, when it happens by the actions of an illegal alien. Someone who had already been deported twice before, makes it that much more a tragedy. If the laws were enforced this young man would be alive today.

Also interesting, BLM [ Black Lives Matter ] hasn’t spoken a single word about this. Seemingly not interested in a fellow Black American being killed at only 26 by an illegal alien. Appears as if BLM only gives a damn about a Black individual being killed if it is by a Caucasian or a Police Officer.

This “stale-mate” by the Democrats pretending they give a damn about DACA, when they’re really using it to stall an Immigration Bill that will increase border security, E-Verify, end chain migration and the VISA lottery. As well as give our country the much-needed funding for the border wall. The offer from POTUS Trump included allowing amnesty to 1.8 million dreamers“. Quite generous. They need to stop deflecting and pretending it’s Trump’s fault. Last time I checked he has made multiple offers, very fair offers to the Democrats for Immigration Reform.

Fact remains Savala should not have been in the United States from the get-go. Three time felon now as he’s been caught here illegally for the third time. Deport him or ensure he spends the rest of his miserable years behind bars. And let’s get our immigration laws reformed and enforced.

Just today a report came out another illegal alien was urinating in public at a bus stop, only to be approached by a citizen. What happened? He stabbed and slashed the innocent citizen with a box cutter. The Maryland man survived thank God. That illegal alien – Salvador Gomez-Lopez. Deported from United States before, and came back again from El Salvador. Lopez was a fugitive who also provided police with a fake name. I don’t think I need to further explain why we need a southern border wall. Remember Kate Steinle? I do.


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