“Nunes Memo” Released-FBI, DOJ obtained FISA illegally”

What we have all been waiting for.


It has finally been released, as President Trump declassified the documents officially yesterday. The House Intelligence Committee released the “Nunes memo”. Under the Obama Administration and Justice Department per the documents, an illegally obtained FISA warrant was obtained from the FISA Court [FISC] for surveillance initially on Carter Page. Which ultimately became a spying scandal on now POTUS Donald Trump. All based off a fake dossier by Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS. The majority of said dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

It will definitely take more time to unpack these documents, as the Democrats allegedly are releasing their version of the memo. What a surprise. But we know certain things from what has been revealed.

Documents show that the FBI obtained the Steele dossier. They knew it was discredited, but that didn’t stop McCabe. However, lied to FISC in order to get the warrant to spy on Page, and then of course Trump. Important to note, nothing has ever come from the warrant to spy on Carter Page, no indictments. Manafort had nothing to do with Trump in this matter. Deputy Director Andrew McCabe confirmed they would not have gotten the bogus warrant if not for using the dossier. The four FISA surveillance applications were “signed off” by  Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates, and Dana Boente.

The FBI had even been paying Steele for the dossier until rumors of Steele’s leaking to the media came out. I believe it was first leaked or broke on “Mother Jones”. As well as the DOJ’s Bruce Ohr knowing about Steele’s bias as he made it abundantly clear he “desperately did not want Trump to be elected President”.

So I have the documents posted below, and I will sum up what we know or can assume  what likely transpired per the information at large. The FBI and DOJ top members [named above] of the Obama Administration illegally colluded with British spy Christopher Steele via Fusion GPS. Along with Hillary Clinton colluding with Fusion GPS by “footing the bill” all conspired to illegally spy on Carter Page, and then used that excuse to spy on Donald Trump. At that time he was not POTUS, so illegally obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on an American citizen. Some main points:

1-Dossier was sole reason for FISA warrant.

2-FBI didn’t verify dossier, knew was uncorroborated.

3-To this point, we have to assume the FISA judge did not know the dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton, as we do know FBI omitted information when requested.

4-This shows it was in fact an attempt to affect the outcome of the 2016 election           [ actual collusion ]

This does not necessarily tie in directly to the Mueller investigation though it certainly puts in a cast of doubt. Not even getting into the fact the FBI agents right under him [e.g. Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page ] were a part of the investigation and were also busted with damning texts showing their extreme bias and even implying they “had to do what’s necessary to not take any chances on Trump being elected President”. With that said, I don’t think Trump should interfere with the Mueller Probe. But the firing Rod Rosenstein of the DOJ may very well be in the cards, and soon.

So there is much more to come with this scandal. Will it go all the way up to the top and see something historic with Obama being indicted? Or will it still be a massive scandal involving certain FBI and DOJ members, Hillary Clinton and her campaign minions but not necessarily Barack Obama? We shall have to wait and see. The Democrats are already along with MSM, speaking lunacy and reverting back to “Trump-Russia collusion”. To say it meant nothing or that it actually showed Trump’s guilt. Democrats claiming “releasing the memo will hurt our national security“, and now it’s out say “it’s nothing“. I can not believe the insanity that has derived from this memo being declassified and released. [ Especially from NBC’s Nicole Wallace ] You can see the documents for yourself.

They’ve been calling for the resignation of the Congress Oversight Committee Chair Devin Nunes whom released the memo to Congress and the White House. Representatives like (D) – Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Nancy Pelosi among others stating this is proof of their “working with Putin”. I mean, again see for yourself but in what realm does that make any bit of sense. The Left and MSM have gone completely out of their minds. In no way was the FISA warrant obtained legally. In no way should that illegal warrant for Carter Page have turned into a partisan spygate-scandal against now President Donald Trump and his campaign. No excuses.

Funny, James Comey former Director of FBI was on Twitter. He had the audacity to comment saying there was “nothing there”, “that’s it?”, and  how it’s not worth leaking classified documents, how the FBI is so great and let them do their jobs basically. The man who falsified 3 FISA warrants, lied to Congress. Leaked information to the media. Covered for Hillary Clinton for her corrupt acts as Secretary of State with the E-mail “bleaching” scandal and the private server using with classified material. Ensuring her exoneration before she was even questioned. Comey should take my advice and take his right that he has to remain silent.

Now we wait for the Democrats “version of the memo” and for other material from the original to come out. I am however for full transparency regardless of what comes out. So I am curious to what they will release within those memos. But, no one can deny Trump and his campaign’s Constitutional rights were certainly violated from what I see. And an attempted coup using the intelligence agencies to alter a Presidential election is treason, high treason. We need to ensure the FISC [ FISA Court ] was not complicit in this scandal as well. It seems doubtful, but me must be sure for the sake of our Republic.

We know the Democrats are going to continue to deflect from the questions, push a false narrative[ as usual ] , create their own version of what the documents “really mean”. But as to the fact that they have been doing their darndest to keep the “Nunes” memos hidden from the American people, and the GOP and certainly POTUS Trump wanted transparency. To me that says it all.

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