“Joy-less Reid on Trump’s SOTU-Dems show true colors”


So some interesting things to note about Joy Reid of MSNBC. Also, we just had our POTUS SOTU Address which was a huge success. It also pointed out the true “colors” of the Democrats, as they sat there and did not applause even once for accomplishments that they claim to also be for. Even the American Black Caucus sat there in disgust, as Trump mentioned we currently have a historical-record low on Black and Hispanic unemployment.

[ So, Joy decided to send a tweet about the SOTU. ]


I happily responded to her that she is essentially admitting she is against church, family, our military, our police, and last but certainly not least our National Anthem. And that some how Trump believing and supporting what most Americans deem important is synonymous with “white nationalism”. Obviously a race-baiting comment as even she knows that is simply utter nonsense.

The recent display by the Democrats at the SOTU was nothing short of a disgrace. Trump was insightful, caring, honest, and heartfelt. It was a unifying SOTU address, as he reached out asking both parties to come together so they can move forward and continue bettering the United States. But the Democrats never stood. Barely even clapped. As for the American Black Caucus, as I mentioned it only goes to show you they do not sincerely care for the people’s well-being when they can’t applaud the lowest recorded Black and Hispanic unemployment in history, and modern history.

Trump honored veterans, small business owners, even their employees. That’s a man that connects to the American people. He honored both Houses, brushed over his other accomplishments from reinvestment into the country like Apple for example, bringing 350 billion dollars back. His Tax Reform bill also removing the Obama Care individual mandate. A booming record economy, record GDP growth. ISIS being all but defeated. He spoke to the efforts of the people coming together during those hurricanes in US Virgin Islands, Florida and Texas. Praising people like the “Cajun Navy”. It was a beautiful speech. Even CBS, polled that over 75% of the American people felt the SOTU was sincere, genuine, and unifying.

But then Joy Reid threw in her two cents. [ Among many other Dem leaders ] She said the same thing in the tweet above as she did more or less on her show yesterday. Referring to it as yet again another “White Nationalist” speech, which there is no basis for. Said he was talking about eradicating MS-13, who happens to be a murderous gang of killers and drug cartels. There are 70,000 MS-13 members, and they’ve committed 25 murders in just over the past year, and that’s just what has been proven. Trump’s Administration has been working diligently to get rid of MS-13.

Joy Reid calls MS-13 a “Fox News Viewers story”. Interesting Joy doesn’t find this dangerous cartel newsworthy. Though a couple of months back, there was a bust in the United States by the DOJ of MS-13 members. I reported on this before, but 267 members were arrested. Almost 70 of them had come to the USA illegally as children. Over 170 of them were here in the country illegally at the time of arrest. Not to mention the drug charges, illegal possession of weapons, etc. Even the ladies from “The View” besides Ms. McCain were trashing Trump implying he conflated MS-13 with the so-called “dreamers”, which is simply not true. Just another attack by the left on the SOTU.

Joy also had commented saying, “Trump calls on Cabinet to “remove Federal employees who undermine the public’s trust“. Now think about what you just read. What she really had said. This is a bad thing in her view? Sorry, but anyone working for the Federal Government, especially our Federal Intelligence Agencies must absolutely be accountable, transparent, and abide the rule of law. As well as properly enforce the law. Apparently Joy Reid thinks it is “OK” for the FBI to cover up for people high and low committing felonies, destroying evidence, affecting investigations with partisan bias. As long as they’re Democrats, right Joy?

When it’s all said and done. President Trump delivered a very uplifting, America first unifying SOTU address. I suppose Joy Reid  is stating she is against our military, police, churches, and National anthem. Apparently in Joy Reid’s opinion, this is a bad thing that only compares to “ways” of the 1950’s?

Unfortunately for Joy. The majority of Americans are for those same very things and principles today in 2018. She has been having a rough go of it lately. I refer to it as “Trump derangement syndrome”. I wish her the best with that as we Americans continue to prosper and celebrate under the successful, President Donald Trump.


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