“Do yourselves a favor, Read up on Islam & Sharia-Fights over”

Modern-day-feminists don’t truly understand the ideology.

Feminists of the “3rd wave”, aka modern-day-feminists as it were are very idiotic when it comes to supporting Islam. Matter of fact, they’re idiotic with the majority of things they are “fighting for”. In the beginning, 1st wave feminism was a legitimate movement. Right to equality, vote, and work.

But since then it has been nothing but a farce. Convincing women they’re not living up to “standards” or “selling out” by getting married and shaping their children’s lives. Which essentially made our modern-day-feminists nothing more than man hating individuals that scream of “patriarchy” and “man-xplaining, man-spreading”. It’s a disease, and we need a cure. But that is not the only issue with these “feminists”.

One of the worst things they’ve done is support and even praise Islam, and people “leading” them like Linda Sarsour in itself is an oxy moron to their alleged “cause”. A woman from Palestine, who happens to be a Muslim and an anti-Semite. Sarsour has been affiliated with HAMAS, a terrorist organization for starters. She is an advocate for Sharia Law in the west, more importantly in the United States while waging “jihad” against President Trump. She also supports the genital mutilation of women. This is the leader of the so-called “Women’s March”? If these confused women only knew what Islam was truly about.

The fact is, Islam as an ideology is simply barbaric. Flip open the Quran to any page and you will read about oppression, submission, the striking and rape of women. Obedience required of all women and how they’re essentially 2nd class citizens at best. They praise Allah and Muhammad the “prophet”. Muhammad married, beat, and raped his 6-year-old niece Aisha. Though Muslims try to defend it because apparently she was 9 years of age at the time of consummation. [ Yeah I feel so much better. ]

Islam itself translates to submission. Enough said? Point is, I could go on with the other issues of Islam, but this piece in particular has to do with how it relates to these “feminists”. The only thing these women really are, are Trump haters or overall man haters. [e.g. Women’s March ]

You can easily see at these marches, women putting on hijabs [ a required polyester esq scarf that has to be covering the woman’s entire head and face. Listening intensely and tearing up while listening to a radical Muslim [ Sarsour ] and hearing music that says “Allahu akbar”. God is great. And Muslims like to yell that before committing acts of murder or terrorism.

These women here in the United States that claim there is a rape culture, a pay gap, other inequalities are simply lying to themselves or are misinformed. There is no such thing as rape culture in the United States. Muslims dominate the Middle East. Ladies, head over there and you’ll find out the hard way what a true rape culture looks like. You’re not allowed to leave your home unless you are accompanied by a man, let alone drive.

The pay gap myth is another talking point for these modern-day-feminists. Sure, if you take all women and all men, you’ll see a difference. It’s called life choices. Women on average do not work the same fields that pay higher, they don’t ask for raises, they don’t work as many hours. Obviously women are blessed to be able to have children, so there is also maternity leave. But if you ask any legitimate economist, they’ll tell you when you unpack it all there is no pay gap!

So ladies, you can see now that your movement is nothing more than an excuse to hate on men. Or just President Trump. But own it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it’s an idiotic one.

Do yourselves a favor. Stop supporting ideologies that would happily oppress, rape, beat, or even kill you at even the thought of disobedience. Which ties into Sharia Law. A woman can be raped, and must have 4x the witnesses in order for the man to be charged. That pretty much goes for any crime in Islamic-Sharia Courts usually conducted by Imams.

Stop supporting Islam, as worldwide the majority feel that suicide bombings are sometimes and often justified. So, if you support that garbage, and garbage human beings like Linda Sarsour. You might as well join HAMAS, because you’re already supporting terrorists. Why not become terrorists yourselves?

Time to hang it up ladies, the fight is over.


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