“DACA, illegals-Remember where you are”



We are all to familiar with the hot topic of immigration reform, especially illegal immigration. Listen up “dreamers”, you say you’re “NOT criminals?” Sorry, but you are here illegally. Illegally crossing our nation’s border, and or simply being here illegally in itself is a Federal crime.

Yet, these illegals have the audacity to demand rights, amnesty, citizenship! How dare you scold our Representatives[ even crazy Nancy Pelosi ] and cause obstruction to our nation’s citizens? How dare you demand anything? Yes, of course you are human beings no one disputes that. However, that only assures your natural rights as a human being.

I literally witnessed a former “dreamer” [Julissa Arce] on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlton Tonight” as a guest, and when she was asked if it is generous of the United States to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. She responded, ” no I don’t think it’s generous.” Are you kidding? She should be damn grateful! Remember, you were here illegally, your Visa had expired. You were a felon, and we allowed you to stay. Generous is certainly the proper adjective.

Just an anecdotal example, but that along with the “dreamers” doing things such as protesting the White House, Disney Land, Airports, major highways obstructing traffic. Goes to show that these illegals are brazen in feeling it’s “OK” for them to do so while being felons. You do not have constitutional rights! You are not American citizens! And if you want to be, apply for citizenship the proper way. If you are fortunate to get legal status, first off you’re welcome. But, you also should make an effort to assimilate and contribute.

We have so many issues to tackle. Many of our American citizens are homeless, we have cities like Chicago, Detroit, and LA that are in shambles. Now, President Trump has drastically improved a lot of things already in his first year for this great country. But there is still a lot of work to do.

POTUS Trump had offered to concede on DACA [ 1.8 million getting amnesty ] as long as chain migration and VISA lottery are done away with, and we get the proper funding [$25B ] to build our southern border wall. Good deal for the Left, but of course they turn it down and refer to it as “white supremacy” immigration reform. How can that be when we’re still taking thousands if not hundreds of thousands of immigrants from various countries that are nowhere near being “white countries”? The answer, it’s not.

The Democrats holding Congress hostage, especially on the DACA/immigration issue isn’t helping things. Though it has been more and more obvious they are no more than obstructionists to bettering the country and taking care of its citizens first.  They don’t care, they just want these illegals and open borders for the votes. If these illegals were voting Republican, bet your bottom dollar the Left would not be fighting this!

So “dreamers”, remember this. You are all felons, you do not get to tell us what we can and can’t do. Though they certainly think so. Be grateful, because you are certainly fortunate that you’re in the best country on the planet. If you want to stay, learn to appreciate the great principles and ideas of our founding fathers that helped create this great nation.

Learn our culture, our language, our laws, and our values. Acknowledge that it is-in-fact generous for the United States to take you in at all, especially if you are given amnesty. So stop your complaining, or feel free to go the hell home. Stop coming illegally, or over-staying your VISA(s). Again, apply for citizenship the legal way and maybe you can stay here. We need a merit-based system. Outside of that, remember those key facts. Show some damn appreciation and respect to our country and its citizens! We decide who comes to OUR country, not you!



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