“Social Incorrectness”

Why is it so difficult to have a conversation anymore?


Today’s social divide, and the ability to simply have a civil discourse has all but dwindled away so it seems. And there are many reasons as to why; Politics, social issues, personal differences, technology, social media, parenting, schools, among other things. The main components in my opinion are that it all starts at homeand right behind that the internet and social media. That said, it’s affecting day-to-day social interactions, and  common courtesy.

Parenting has been devalued immensely in this country especially since the “coming up” of the internet, as well as the millennial generation. With that, the consistent increased use of social media. More dependence on government, safe spaces, and entitlement. “Don’t worry, the government will take care of you.” As well, we have the feminists-feminist mothers that don’t see that the battle of equality is and has been long over. But the Left certainly has them and others believing our Mothers should be in the workplace, not shaping lives!

[ Give it up, you won. ]

This issue with day-to-day civil discourse has also played itself out in your “every day” customer service experiences. Whether you are purchasing a $2 coffee or a $2,000 suit, the employee providing the customer service should at the very least be saying the most basic of greetings and farewells. But you’d be surprised of how poor the experience can be.

Customer service requires in part, being able to properly communicate with people. Having energy, a smile, knowing to provide a friendly greeting “Hey, how are you today welcome to_________ how can we help you!?” “Thank you very much, you have a great rest of your day.” These are the most basic greetings and farewells you could provide to a person in general, or to a customer when you’re working. It can make all the difference in the world to the customer, and therefore the business’s success.

Even getting a “hi,” or “hello” and a “thank you” or a “bye” after the transaction or conversation is like pulling teeth nowadays. With that said, the quality of customer service has taken a huge dip. Proper examples not being set at home or school. The consumption and addiction of social media, or the people’s need of having their “devices” virtually attached at all times.

[ I’d like to think I know a thing or two on this particular subject, with almost 20 years of working with the public, most recently 4 years as a Senior Personal Banker. ]


It is the same story when it comes to common courtesy. Hold the door for someone, no response of “thank you”, walk by someone, make eye contact and simply say “hello”. They stare at you like you’re the odd one. No, I just have what folks used to call manners and human decency.

For this, you can also thank modern-day-feminists, or a lack of social skills due to lack of parenting, or social media taking away ”real-time” conversation. Blame the entitlement the average millennial feels they deserve, everything must be easy or handed to them. You could be speaking to someone face-to-face in person, and they will record their answer on SnapChat and send it to you. That’s how sad it is in some cases, and seemingly worse for our future generations to come.

[ Thank God I haven’t had to deal with that personally. But the cell phone on the table when out to dinner? Grrrrrrr. ]

I don’t believe they are being rude maliciously. Some are, sure. It’s an issue of not having the ability to be “decent”, or “courteous”. Again it goes back to the parenting, the way they’re being brought up. Whether it’s the parents and or the schools doing this to our future generations, it must stop. No “safe spaces”, no “political correctness.” Teach your kids the value of companionship, the value of earning something instead of bitching their way to getting it. No “safe spaces” in the real world, so best toughen these kids up while you can.

Decency, courtesy, civics. Teach your kids whether at home or in the classroom to say “hello”, “thank you”. Engage in productive, courteous conversation. Social media along with technology (internet) regarding the decline of real conversation have mightily contributed to our current state of social regression. You go out to dinner with a group of friends or family, and you’ll notice someone is always nose-deep in their cell phone to see how many “likes” they received on a damn tweet or social media post. It implies to your friends, work colleagues and family most importantly that your phone or social media “stats” are more important to you than they are. When they’re physically with you, it’s unacceptable. To put it bluntly, it’s incredibly rude, disrespectful.

Lastly, Politics [ especially lately ] in this country along with Politicians have assisted in the social divide too. The Left has gone farther left. The Conservatives are broken up from the typical GOP Rhinos. But Politics have always been a good source of debate. Ironically, it may actually be beneficial to having these differences if we can only ensure it ends in civil discourse. We need better example setting at home and in schools. We need our kids to be able to engage in productive conversation. If we continue in this direction, I fear our society as we know it could be lost and no longer recognized. Or one could say, society would be “socially incorrect”.



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