“Gorka has had warrant in Hungary for “gun-misuse” charge”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former Trump Adviser

So per sources, Dr. Sebastian Gorka of the Trump campaign, has had a warrant on him in Hungary dated back to September 2016. Months before Donald J. Trump was elected POTUS. The active warrant in Hungary is apparently for “firearm abuse” or “misuse”.[whatever that means]

Per Buzzfeed, who reached out to Dr. Gorka, asked about the warrant. Which Dr. Gorka replied, “Don’t waste your time.” I couldn’t agree more, and I don’t even know the “full story” as it were. But I do know Dr. Gorka quite well. I would be willing to bet it’s something miniscule.

Such as if Dr. Gorka had fired off one of his firearms in a “zone” that isn’t permitted, or perhaps firing a certain type of firearm on his property or an open rural area. I would need to go over Hungary’s gun laws. Something that would make any honest man say, ” don’t waste your time”. Nothing has occurred with Gorka to make me doubt him or his character.

So, essentially the seven months Gorka spent in the White House, including the meeting with Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó in D.C. last March, an arrest warrant was pending in Hungary. However, my final thought on this. I wouldn’t take this “story” for anything more than a very weak attempt by the Left to attack a Trump supporter with a huge following.


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