“No more “BFF’s”-Schools out of line”

Banned best friends
Schools in the United States and the UK are trying to “ban best friends” for reasons of “inclusivity”.


Amazing the crap that liberals come up with. Now the new hot topic is “no more best friends”, as schools in the United States and the UK are trying to implement a “best friend banbelieve it or not. They claim it’s because they want to encourage “inclusivity”.

Nell Daly claims it will “help with kids being more polite to one another, not to exclude other kids, encourage larger groups.” This leftist psychotherapist and journalist makes an “anti-bullying” argument for this “BFF Ban” though it makes no sense what so ever. She attempted to conflate bullying a poor child with kids naturally spending time with their friends, their “clicks”. And the “poor child” that feels left out. Why are teachers over stepping their bounds? Stick to your damn job. Who are teachers and schools to tell students who to be or not be friends with? That is what parents are for.

Schools or teachers claiming it’s not “fair to children” to have “obsessive friendships”. Teachers, get over yourselves and get back to your real responsibility, teaching. You know; Science, Reading, Writing, History, Math. Prepare our children to enter the real world. At this pace, these kids and future generations don’t have a chance. You think when they’re grown up that other individuals and employers are going to give a damn about their feelings? No, of course not. Other than educating our kids in science, english and math, stay the hell out of our children’s lives.



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