“Oprah the Hypocrite running 2020? Hollywood-Winfrey vs Trump”


At the Golden Globes, the Hollywood elitist hypocrites drooled and applauded like idiots  while Oprah Winfrey had some thing(s) to announce during her oh so emotional speech. After receiving the “Cecille b De mille Achievement Award”, she said some interesting things. She made her speech directly targeting men overall and in Hollywood. She mentioned Trump, and also spoke to the power of “knowing your truth”. What about THE truth Oprah? I prefer the truth, maybe that’s just me.

That is one of the main issues with the Left. They “know” their truth, but they are stuck in their liberal bubble in Hollywood. Away from a place I like to call reality. Where facts, statistics, science, the truth, and data matter. For them, facts are no longer credible, no need apply. They’re always pushing the narrative, though they get proven incorrect repeatedly. They[ The leftHollywood and MSM mostly ]  will revoke the story, but continue the propaganda by pushing the notion that the narrative somehow is still accurate. These people belong in a padded room.

Back to Oprah, she among many others buzzed about her running for President in the 2020 election. Now this is laughable in a lot of ways, but scary at the same time. If for any reason Donald Trump fails with his Presidency the rest of the way through, he will likely lose. Nothing more to it. He has to deliver on the wall, ending chain migration and the visa lottery. He needs to continue the wonderful things he has already been succeeding with such as tax reform, SCOTUS appointments, infrastructure, job creation, economy, unemployment being down. Historical numbers no one expected. But we’re sure glad! Except for the Left. 

If he remains successful, I am confident he will win regardless if Oprah Winfrey actually made it all the way to the Democratic primary. Problem with her being a candidate is,  she came from nothing. She was abused as a child, she made herself into a multi-billion dollar brand. She has a story, and has a talent in speaking to people. Unlike Hillary Clinton who was a terrible candidate. Oprah is also more likeable and relates to people better than Clinton. Even if it’s acting.

She also talks about being “for the women,” and ”for the people”, though she’s been buddies with Harvey Weinstein for years. But if she became President, I firmly believe we would all be doomed. We would end up overrun by illegal immigration. The whole country would virtually be California. Can someone say tax raise? We just got them cut! [ Not a good thing if the Dems take back control. ]

Oprah would likely get a large percentage of the women’s vote, and the black vote. Of course the self-hating, “privileged” beta-male idiots will most certainly vote for her too. The feminists, no need to explain. Again she is such a damn hypocrite and just now started as well with the #MeToo BS, though she has been buddies with known rapists and sexual deviant bigwigs in Hollywood for years. But again, those numbers would dwindle as long as President Trump continues his success.

Let’s hope these current talks end with a plan to build our border wall, end chain migration, the visa lottery, and rid this country of the DACA program. If he’s to get everything I just mentioned accomplished. But must compromise a bit on DACA, I suppose I could live with that. Let the left go wild about this garbage story for a while. But as I said, if Trump delivers as he has been, he will very likely be re-elected and defeat Oprah or whomever he runs against in the 2020 election.


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