“Multiple probes into Clinton activity-Clinton Foundation”


It’s about damn time the DOJ does their job regarding “special treatment”. Former DOJ-AG Loretta Lynch under Barack Obama and his FBI literally let Hillary Clinton off the hook. They changed terms and certain report’s verbatim to avoid Clinton getting indicted. Thanks Peter Strzok! Thankfully, Strzok [ and his lover Lisa Paige whom both had immense bias ] has since been removed from the investigations. And Strzok won’t be there nor the former head of DOJ-AG Loretta Lynch, to cover Hillary’s rear end.

There are multiple inquiries being made into Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation. From the Uranium One deal, to her emails being bleached conveniently.  National Security cables leaked, solicitation of classified information all with her private server. Along with that lying to the FBI and Congress. Her negligence to the occurrence in Benghazi resulting in deaths of Americans including a US Ambassador, the “backing off” of the terror front group Hezbollah  under Obama to complete the Iran deal. Last but certainly not least, proof of “pay for play” monies for political favors being laundered through the Clinton Foundation. Is it any wonder the Foundation hasn’t been mentioned much since her 2016 election failure? Is it a surprise the foundation hasn’t been getting massive contributions since she lost her political power? I think not.

She already lied to Congress and the FBI. There has been proof that Lynch, Comey, Strzok and company all directed the outcome of the private server investigation. Making sure it was called a “matter” instead of investigation with her emails being “bleached”. But thanks to partisan hacks like Lynch and Strzok, Hillary avoided any indictments. Though she committed a felony in itself just by lying to Congress under oath and the FBI. [ Apparently she wasn’t under oath when speaking to the FBI ] General Flynn was just indicted for “lying to the FBI”. Why the different standards? The law should apply to everyone equally. Thankfully, this investigation seems it will be re-opened by DOJ & AG Jeff Sessions.

And let us hope for a clean counsel that investigates her without bias for the “pay for play” corruption, along with allowing a terror front group like Hezbollah run free while Hillary was Secretary of State under Obama. Simply so they could divert and get their precious Iran Deal. Then of course the same administration commissioned the Uranium One Deal. This allows 20% of our Uranium One to go to Russia. Though Democrats and pundits on the left will argue it “isn’t a big deal” because it will “never leave our shores”, it’s  been proven Uranium One has already left our shores. Thanks Obama Administration! [ One of the worst Presidents and administrations in US history. ]

While we wait to hear more regarding the investigations into Hillary Clinton and all of her years of corruption. We can disregard the Left’s sad attempt at calling this a “diversion from the Mueller Probe”. [ Too bad one has not to do with the other ]. All we can do is hold the government’s, DOJ’s, and FBI’s feet to the fire, and make sure a legitimate investigation is conducted. All of those Obama and Clinton leftovers are gone. No more cover-ups. No more getting away with blatant lies and destruction of evidence. Time for the American people to finally see justice with the incarceration of Hillary Rodham Clinton.



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