“Clinton allies-Bloom paid women for false accusations against Trump during campaign”

Reports came in that there has been evidence revealed that shows that Clinton’s people were caught up to no good once again. It also seems these acts were conveniently during the campaign as well, once Trump had won the Republican primary.

The trend of sexual misconduct and sexual assault allegations have been skyrocketing in the media, mostly in Hollywood and D.C. with no surprise to us there. Amazing how the Liberal media is constantly taking shots at Trump and his Administration over the most idiotic things like an extra scoop of flippin’ ice cream. While crooked Hillary Clinton, the DNC, among other Clinton allies have corrupted our justice system time after time without repercussion.

The Left consistently avoids the truth and evidence provided in regards to their corruption, yet continually deflect and go back to Trump-Russia collusion despite no evidence! This time around, two close Hillary Clinton allies paid thousands of dollars[$700k] to a firm via Lisa Bloom who would willingly falsely accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct so in turn, he would not get elected. This plan obviously did not work for Clinton.

Per the NY times, there are reportedly other(s) like Ms. Allred that are attempting to get accusers to come forward still against POTUS. Good luck. The Left overall needs to stop throwing stones. It is obvious they are operating in a very fragile glass house.






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