“Only Rosie O’Donnell”

Rosie O’Donnell and Ben Shapiro, Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Wire had a Twitter bout the other day. It started out with a simple tweet by Rosie O’Donnell. She should take caution, as she literally tweeted a $2 million bribe to both Senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins. She did it more than just the one time too, offering to “negotiate terms” and verbally going after Representatives that voted for the tax bill. She then received a Twitter response from Ben Shapiro:

Rosie-ODonnell-twitter-fight1Ben Shapiro responds after seeing this tweet:

“Rosie O’Donnell Violates Federal Law, Offers To Bribe Republican Senators To Vote Against Tax Bill.”

From there, Rosie O’Donnell starts to show her true colors with this response:

“suck my d— Ben.”

Ben clever as he is toyed with her responding: ” #MeToo “ in response to her vulgar sexual commentary.

So, essentially to see if it holds true or not that Twitter has double standards with their use policy, Ben Shapiro reported the tweets showing the bribes and her ugly comments to Ben.



As you can all see, Twitter does in fact have double standards. They did to be fair delete Rosie’s tweet, but if this was reversed, I could guarantee any conservative would have had their account deleted.

Point is, Rosie O’Donnell has always been an idiotic leftist. She has always been a foul-mouthed excuse for a woman, making it even weirder with the “member” she requested Ben to “s— on”. Last time I checked women do not carry that type of genitalia. This was all over the media over the last couple days and it was certainly a “win” for Shapiro as Rosie O’Donnell looked idiotic, but worse off may end up under investigation for laws against bribery to affect the votes for or against a proposed bill.

One can hope, but I believe she should, and very well could be fined a large amount for her unwise online bribes. And there is potential jail time for such an offense [it’s a felony after all], depending on of course if she ever even gets investigated in the first place. Also, Twitter better tread carefully. But ultimately I agree with Ben, #LockHerUp just like Hillary Clinton should be locked up.

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