“President Trump’s first year a success-How & why”


We know 2017 was in fact an incredible year in many different ways. From Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, to the scandalous DNC, the investigations, leftist militant groups oppressing our constitutional rights, mass shootings. But, as to our President’s first year in office, it’s actually been pretty darn good. Crazy at times, but good. Record numbers in job growth, unemployment down, record GDP growth, solid Supreme Court Justice appointments, and last but not least a big victory to finish the year in passing tax reform with massive tax cuts for businesses and the middle class.

I want to focus particularly on President Trump’s first year in office and his accomplishments. There have certainly been some bumps in the road, but he’s been solid all year. I must admit it is gratifying to watch him drive the left insane on MSM and the hill. Let’s begin with Trump’s earlier victories; His appointment for SCOTUS [ Supreme Court Justice of the United States .] Neil Gorsuch was a very solid SCOTUS choice to fill the seat once held by Antonin Scalia. We needed balance in having a fair, objective, yet conservative SC Justice appointment and we got it. Important to retain balance in the Supreme Court.

Trump has consistently been strong with infrastructure, and made a promise for an infrastructure plan for upcoming 2018. But in 2017 however, has made a huge difference in our Border Patrol and border security. Our illegal immigration rate has dropped significantly which equals less drugs, less human trafficking, less illegals milking our welfare system and taxpayer dollars. It protects the females that illegally attempt to cross the southern border as well considering over 80% are raped by other male illegals crossing or the “coyotes” that bring them over. Lastly, less illegal immigration results in assisting in improving our minimum wages, economy, and middle class.

Speaking of the middle class, Trump has been focused on helping them to bounce back in the United States as the middle class is so important to our overall economy and its success. His actions in 2017 have resulted in over 2.2 million jobs created, resulting in record lows in unemployment. With another 200,000+ more expected for continuing months. The manufacturing sector is at a record low unemployment rate; 2.6%, and Hispanic unemployment is at a historical low; 4.7%.

Now some numbers that have increased with Trump in office. GDP growth, recently reported almost at 4%. Which is a record high in GDP growth since before the Obama Administration.[ Obama never hit 3% even once. ] Trump himself always confident has suggested GDP could continue to grow to 5+ percent. But let’s wait for it to come to fruition. However, our economy and stock markets have been setting record highs and they continue to ascend.

He also did something somewhat recent that held such importance. The announcing of the moving of our US Embassy back to Jerusalem all the while acknowledging once and for all that the World should acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It always has been, it’s just been a fight back and forth between Israel and Palestine. Well too bad Palestine, it belongs to Israel. Read a history book. Many previous POTUS’s have made that very same promise to the American people, but Trump actually delivered.

Last but not least, Tax reform. a major legislative victory for the Republican party and the American people. This Tax Reform plan comes in at $1.5 trillion. The middle class overall is going to save on taxes; over 92% of the middle class should be seeing varying savings in their pockets. And again benefitting the people as well as jobs and our economy, his corporate tax cuts coming down to 21% make us competitive with other countries.

Of course the Left continues to cry out that it is just a tax cut for the rich and they hate that the tax bill removes the Obama-Care-mandate. Any legit Economist will tell you that just isn’t the case as to the rich, and Obama Care is and always has been a disaster. The companies that employ us saving over 10% on their corporate taxes results in more jobs, bonuses or raises for existing employees, reinvestment into the company, benefits, or the companies can put the extra savings back into the Economy one way or another. It’s an all-around win for the American people and the removal of the ObamaCare mandate was huge so no one is forced to take something they may not want nor need. It’s a good bill. [ Though I wish the loophole for hedge fund managers was eliminated. ]

Of course there are things to not be so thrilled about too in Trump’s first year. But the positives immensely outweigh the negatives. However, Trump needs to first and foremost [ though illegal immigration is down ] get our southern border wall built! As Ann Coulter likes to remind him every day ” To this day, 0 feet of the wall has been built!”. Ann is correct, the wall does need to be built. I do believe Trump will likely give on DACA a bit to get his wall.

Trump also needs to get the Republicans to finish the job and completely dismantle Obama Care. They rushed it in my opinion and I believe in 2018 or 2019 they will get it accomplished. Obama Care is less popular and less affordable by the day with premiums through the roof. Lastly, Trump needs to continue to win, but he has work to do. He could help himself with something very attainable. Pick your damn battles on Twitter! I love the tweets overall, but once in a while he picks a un-winnable fight. ( e.g.- though he was correct in the matter, tweeting back in response to the widow of the gold star family wasn’t wise on his part ).

Otherwise, watching Trump win repeatedly, and continuing to drive the Left insane has been a gift all in itself. But, he needs to stay sharp and keep answering the requests of the American people. We’re waiting on our wall Mr. President. But other than that, I say for your first year a job very well done sir. Trump is not perfect by any means folks, but if you’re honest, he’s certainly proven he belongs in office.

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