“Merry Christmas-Not Happy Holidays”


It’s that time of year where we all get together as families and friends to celebrate our Holiday and bring in the new year. Now, we obviously know not everyone celebrates Christmas. There’s also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, which is perfectly fine. But, when people especially on the Left start telling myself and others that we must be “respectful of others” in saying “Happy Holidays” to cover all, they can stuff it.[ No pun intended ]

They claim it’s more proper to the fact that some celebrate Hanukkah, some don’t celebrate anything [ atheists, Jehovah Witnesses], and lastly the most ridiculous; Kwanzaa. As I will explain why these snowflakes need to shut the hell up and embrace people saying “Merry Christmas” again in general, whether you celebrate it or not. [ i.e- If someone in passing doesn’t know you’re Jewish and says “Merry Christmas”- You’ll survive, get over it.]

So don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying regardless of what holiday someone celebrates they have to say Merry Christmas. This is not a dictatorship. Just reiterating, over 92% of americans celebrate it, so your chances are pretty good. And though Jews do not typically celebrate Christmas, they do however believe in Jesus Christ. Christmas in itself has multiple facets of importance. Not just religiously, also culturally under our Judeo-Christian civilization and values. It also shows respect to the importance of  family and friends. And it humbles us all to recall that there are much more precious things in life than just getting materialistic things.

We can thank retailers, marketers, and advertisers for things like “black friday”, [ don’t get me wrong I always love a discount ] that bring out some of the ugliest things about us as a people. And that would be greed. No other time will you see moms, dads etc. literally having an all-out brawl over a damn toy or electronic item. Now I am the first to admit, businesses have to keep the money flowing in, and I am for a free market. So with that said, I understand why it’s done. But that doesn’t mean it helps any with the true meaning and importance of Christmas and what it represents.

Even worse is the politicization of Christmas. MSM, the Left would love for you to buy into the fact that Kwanzaa is just as equal to Christmas. And for that, unless you’re a bigot you will happily submit and say ” Happy Holidays” to be politically correct and assuage them. Must ensure not to offend anyone!

Too bad over 92% of Americans celebrate Christmas for about 200 years, less than 1% celebrate Kwanzaa. [ I strongly recommend looking into the actual history of Kwanzaa.]

Point is, politicizing Christmas is just an excuse by the Leftists to sit on their “high horse” and preach “inclusivity”. I’ll tell you what you can do with your inclusivity. For the Left and MSM it has, is and always will be about control. Not to mention pandering to certain “groups” that they know will vote their way.

Christmas, derived from “Christ-mas”, is all about showing love, appreciation, and respect to family and friends. Christmas reminds us all of the importance of generosity, and giving [ remember the saying, “better to give than receive?” ]. So again I say, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, don’t think even for a second that is going to change a thing when I cross paths with you. Rest assured, you’ll be hearing a big ol’ fat ” MERRY CHRISTMAS”.


4 thoughts on ““Merry Christmas-Not Happy Holidays”

  1. William Anderson

    No, what I’m saying is if, hypothetically say you’re a Jewish person and someone else says “Merry Christmas” to you in general, in passing not knowing that you’re Jewish. I’m saying you shouldn’t get mad about that.

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    1. mzepp

      Yea I can’t get upset if someone says happy hanukkah or happy eid to me. I could careless. There’s only a few sensitive people out there that would actually get butt hurt about it. It’s impossible to cater to everyone’s emotional needs

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      1. William J. Anderson

        Exactly, that’s the point. People need to stop choosing to be offended or “butthurt” lol.
        I wouldn’t care if somebody said happy holidays to me, as I would expect them to not get upset if I said Merry Christmas to them.


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