“HAMAS uprising-Left blaming POTUS over Jerusalem comments”

Israel finally gets recognition of their capital Jerusalem by POTUS Trump.


HAMAS, a group affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, was founded in 1987. Now HAMAS [ despite what you’ll hear on Liberal MSM ] is an organization that funds terror groups. The more important point in this situation right now is the recent declaration by POTUS Donald Trump that Jerusalem is-in-fact  the capital city of Israel. It always has been, and always will be. But Palestine disagrees.

The Islamic Palestinian state has been verbally and physically attacking Jews in Israel most notably near the West Bank, Gaza strip. They have the audacity to claim it is their territory. Now to be fair, there have been attacks from both sides. But that would be like comparing the Turkish Empire enslaving and killing innocence for nothing more than power and greed and hatred for Christians, to the crusades. Now yes,  the crusades were brutal battles of sorts, but it was a response. A response as in self-defense to avoid being completely wiped out by the Turks. Without the crusades, it likely would have resulted in the slaughter of all Christians. There is no comparison.

Now since Trump’s announcement, the Left and MSM of course are using their “scare tactics” as per usual because of course “POTUS Trump can do no good”. Stating that this was irresponsible by Trump and would cause many deaths and increased violence etc. Funny, I don’t recall the Left’s [ Obama Admin ] “two state solution” working all too well.

On a daily basis, Palestinians have been bombing and killing Jews at every opportunity. And this has been happening for years. So a very powerful nation such as the United States’ President stating that Jerusalem is-in-fact Israel’s capital, and ordering for the US Embassy to be relocated to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv was a great move. And more importantly the right move. Though we expected some push back from Palestine, the violence was already there, these recent attacks are nothing new.

MSM would like you to believe the last few days with Palestine’s announcement calling for “a day of rage” and their threats since about the “intifada [ or uprising ] against the occupier” is all Trump’s fault, no not even close but nice try. The terror attacks by Palestine against Israel are simply because the Muslims wish to rid the world of all Christians and Jews.

Why not try a new solution? The Left has failed miserably, so finally keeping his promise, as former POTUS’ have made the same but never delivered, Trump actually did deliver. Israel has our support, and they are a very formidable military. We must back our POTUS with this.

Trump’s declaration and order to move the embassy reversed decades of US policy recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital obviously upset the Arab world. Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of HAMAS, has been urging the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to withdrawal from peacemaking with Israel and to boycott the Trump Administration. Withdrawal from peacemaking with Israel? Is that supposed to be a joke? It’s a bad one. Prime Minister Netanyahu released a video clip thanking Trump for the declaration, and expressed his and Israel’s sincere appreciation.

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